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At Vivette's Dance Studio we believe in enabling each dancer to learn to dance to best of their own ability. Each child is different and we celebrate their differences.  We are a "G-rated" studio, we believe that our young dancers have their whole lives to be old and we allow them to be the young ladies and gentlemen that they are.  We believe in age appropriate music, costuming and choreography.  We are a member of YPAD - Youth Protection Advocacy in Dance. 

We believe in teaching correct technique and terminolgy from the very youngest Starlet to the adult dancers so that they are learning how to dance not just "a" dance.  

We keep the youngest dancers engaged by combining their age-appropriate skills with seasonal choreography for Halloween and Christmas so that their will have learned a progression of skills for their final recital dances.  We utilize many dance games that reinforce and enhance skills and keep their attention. 

Elementary age dancers spend more time on technique at the beginning of the season, as they work on progressively more difficult skills such as leaps and turns.  

Our middle and highschool age dancers enjoy exploring new variations to techniues they have learned in younger grades, becoming role models and inspiration to the younger dancers.

Dance need not stop upon high school graduation. Many of our alumni come back to take classes for fun and fitness after graduation from college. 

Vivette's Dance Studio was established in 1975 by Vivette Ashen-Brenner.  Our studio has grown from it's beginnings at the YWCA and Miss Vivette's basement to a rental location to our current buiding constructed in 2003.  We are proud to be Salina's only dance studio to have made the committment to the community by building our own space.

Miss Vivette has been dancing nearly her whole life.  She was enrolled in Miss Ruth's Ballet school as a preschooler and attended classes  through out grade school. When her family moved to Omaha she was fortunate to be enrolled in the first class at the Omaha Regional Ballet Academy.  She continued to dance in college earning her degrees in Elementary Education and Performing Arts. Miss Vivette is a born teacher according to her family and friends and enjoys teaching both dance and as a substitute teacher. She continues her dance education through workshops,. conventions and online classe. 


Our front desk secretary Miss Sharon is available to answer questions from parents, take payments, handle shoe orders, answer  the phone and a million other things that Miss Vivette cannot do while teaching classes. 

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Vivette's Dance Studio 1102 Armory Rd, Sallina, Ks 67401 785 -827-3396 vivettesdancedance@hotmail.com

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