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  1. Necessities:  Brush, comb, donut, hairband s(not a scrunchy) bobby pins, hairnet, hairspray


  1. Hair goes into a bun if it’s slightly dirty. If dancers’ hair is super fine, a hair gel may help.


  1. Brush hair into a ponytail either top of head, back or head or nape of neck depending on what has been requested. For recital 2023 top of head buns are what is being done.


  1. Pin bangs back or to side of head. Bangs are sort of like wearing a hat on stage, creates shadows on dancer’s face.


  1. Use a hairband to secure ponytail tightly. A scrunchie won’t work, they are decorative not hard working. Thick hair may need 2 hairbands.


  1. For thin or short hair use a donut and slide pony tail up center of donut. Slightly backcomb hair, fold over and swirl around donut. A donut is a donut shaped mesh item that gives form to buns, especially if hair is fine or thin. A donut makes a nice looking bun, Available Walgreens, Walmart hair section.  Some people have taken a baby sock, cut off foot and rolled into a donut but it’s harder to pin through.


  1. Appy a hairnet twisting once to make fit better. These are cheap, usually come 3 in a pack for under $2. Well worth it.


  1. Pin the heck out of it, starting a one point on the bun and going around. I’d rather have too many pins than a wobbly bun distracting dancer.


  1. Spray liberally with hairspray. Old fashion Aqua net is fantastic.


  1. Hair decorations normally go on right side of bun.

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