October Care Home Shows

1) A reminder that we have a care home show this Sat Oct 20 at 3pm at Arbor Court. Please wear black leotard, pink tights. Miss V has some skirts for the dancers to wear.  Please let me know if your dancer will not be there. We do have small classes this year so try to make it if you can. At end of program we ask all dancer to take a bow and greet the audience so stay if you can Should be about a 30 min program or less. Word to use..excited, fun, happy,  words to avoid: nervous, scared, butterflies.

Constellation: Spooky Ballet                        Reagan, Adalynn, Brielle

Meteors: Ballet - Talking Ghosts                   Eena,Kayden, Kinzley, Ember, Katy

Starlet Ballet: Monster Boogie, Casper the friendly Ghost               Khaislynn, Rhilynn, ,Addison,Ava

Meteors Tap - Jack o’lantern jump

Starlet Tap - Ghostbuster

Meteors Jazz - Halloween Party

Nebula Jazz – Time Warp                              (wear your Time Warp costumes)

Preview: Starfeet Mini’s - Hit em up        Brielle, Kayden, Snow

Preview: Starfeet Quad - All of Me          Joslyn, Ashlynn, Dara, Oliva (Team uniform with tan tights)

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