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Starlets, Sparklers – nothing – all will be provided in costume pack, tights, costume, hair piece


Comets, Meteors, Constellation  – Dancers will change costumes so will need a skin colored leotard we call an underliner that takes the place of underwear. See links below for places to order.  They also will need a black no skirt leotard which I think most already have as part of their class uniform for Boogie Swing. I am lending them a fringe skirt and headpiece for this dance. Pink and tan tights were included in their costume packages.


Constellation – I am lending them their jazz and tap costumes which they will return after the program.



Starlets – Sparklers – Buns, braids, or if hair is short curled away from face, Hairpieces clip on right side of head,


Comets, Meteors, Constellation:, Dazzlers ballet,  low bun at back of head, hair pieces clip on right side of bun.


Dazzlers Jazz – low ponytail – if hair is too short just a half pony to keep hair away from face.



Starlets – Sparklers – a little brown eyeshadow, blush, rosy (not red) lipstick


Comets, Meteors, Constellation, Dazzlers Ballet and Jazz – brown eyeshadow, mascara, blush, red lipstick

Makeup is used to brighten features. Our dancers have no need of foundation or false eyelashes.


FINALE: all dancers will wear the recital t-shirt for the finale dance, dancers may add black shorts if they wish.


When costumes come home, please label every item and your dance shoes,  Dancers who change costumes will be asked to bring a laundry basket to put pieces in as they take them off to keep them from getting mixed up with others.  I try to teach the dancers “off your body and into your bag” but in the excitement of performances they don’t always remember.



A skin colored camisole leotard to wear in place of underwear that provides modesty when changing costumes in group setting. Underliner goes on 1st then tights.  I explain to dancers that just like you don’t wear underwear under a swimsuit you don’t wear underwear under a dance costume.  Some dancers are sensitive to seams in dance costumes and even if they only have one costume for both dances they might feel more comfortable with an underliner.  You know your child!   These are great when we dance at carehomes where there is sometimes no public bathroom available. – MT757N Balera brand is lowest price.

Amazon I found quite a few on Amazon!


If you have one your dancer has outgrown let me know and I’ll post in in the newsletter

Costume Essentials Recital 2022

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