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Our dress code is pretty simple. 

Twinkle Tots do not need dance wear. They will work barefoot.

All  classes wear a black leotard and pink or tan tights.  Dancers may add a skirt or black shorts.   Pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes and tan jazz shoes depending on classes taken. 

We are happy to order for you or you may order from Discount Dance, Amazon or other sources.  

Spring session Dazzler classes will work barefoot as it is a short session and often hard to get shoes in tme. 

  Dancewear maybe ordered through the studio. We have used shoes available at a low cost also. 

I often make additional costumes using the basic black leotard, When we perform at Christmas we use the basic black leotard as a base, adding skirts etc for no cost costuming. 

Dancers should wear their hair in a bun or ponytail. Loose hair is a hazard. 

NEW: t-shirts, hoodies and other logo apparel are available at

Items are ordered by you and shipped directly to you.


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