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Parents are welcome, please stay to back and sides as this is primarily a show for the residents. You are welcome to take pictures and video as I’m often too busy. Just share with me!


Care home shows –

May 13 Smokey Hill Rehab 1007 Johnsotown Ave – program begisn at 3:00 , dancers there dressed in 1st costume by 2:45. Wear underliners costume, hair in high bun, old tights (save new ones for big recital)


  1. Hip hop – Catch a fire – Anabelle, Lexi, Rena, Katara

  2. Sparklers ballet- Mermaid Party – Triniti, Lilly, , Gabby (no Kynlee)

  3. Comets 1 ballet- JayDrean ? , Natalie

  4. Comets 2 ballet- Ava, Kennadi, Saya,Gracie, Kaylynn, Imogen (no Alivia) 

  5. Meteors tap – Lexi, Paige, Zoe, with tap skirt

  6. Constellation tap- Anabelle, Rena, Khloe, Katara

  7. Sparklers tap- Triniti, Lilly,  Gabby – same costume, just change shoes (no Kynlee)

  8. Comets 1 tap- JayDrean ? , Natalie – change costume, tights, shoes.

  9. Comets 2 tap- Ava, Kennadi, SayaGracie, Kaylynn, Imogen – skirt, shoe, hairpiece change (no alivia) 

  10. Meteors jazz - Lexi, Paige, Zoe – tap skirt comes off

  11. Constellation jazz- costume and shoe change



MAy 20th

Arbor Court – 1001 Shippel Drive – just east of ohio, near Wendy’s and bank iv – Carpet show

Program begins at 3:00, dancers should be in 1st costume, hair in bun, at 2:45

  1. Constellation ballet          ballet costume -wear tan tights to keep simple Anabelle, Khloe, Rena, Katara

  2. Meteors ballet                   ballet costume- wear tan tights to keep simple – Lexi, Paige, Zoe

  3. Sparklers ballet                  ballet costume – Kynlee, Lilly, Gabby, Triniti

  4. Comets 1 ballet                 ballet costume- JayDrean, Natalie

  5. Comets 2 jazz                     jazz costume – Alivia, Ava, Kennadi, Gracie, Kaylynn, Imogen, Saya

  6. Dazzlers ballet                    costume – Ella, Paislee, Genevieve, Ava, Gracelyn, Mazie

  7. Dazzlers starlets                costume – Roberta, Amaya, Adaline, Clare, Oneli, Emelia

  8. Sparklers tap                      same costume change shoes Kynlee, Lilly, Gabby, Triniti

  9. Comets 2 ballet                 change costume, shoes, just wear tan tights JayDrean, Natalie

  10. Meteors jazz                       change costume , wear same tan tights Lexi, Zoe, Paige

  11. Dazzlers jazz                       costume; Elli. Nevaeh, Kayla, Aryanna, Genevieve

  12. Constellation jazz             change costume, wear same tan tights to keep simple Anabelle, Khloe, Rena, Katara


 May 27th -  Holiday Resort 2825 Resort Drive  – 3pm- same performance as show 1 + the 3 Dazzler classes.

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