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Photo Day Schedule


Photo Day – If every one is on time we will take groups 1st . Then individuals – we take every child individually whether you purchase or not.  Hair in top bun – hair piece on right side Please come dressed in 1st costume.  We respectfully ask you do not take photo’s on our backdrop.


10:00     Dazzler Jazz must be 1st Elli needs gone by 11

10:20     Dazzler Ballet

10:40     Dazzler Starlets

11:00     Meteors               Lexi has conflict at 1:30  Ballet 1st, Tap/ Jazz 2nd

                Constellation     Annabelle has conflict at 1:30      Ballet 1st, Tap 2nd, Jazz, 3rrd,

                Hip Hop               

11:40     Sparklers

12:00     Comets 1             Ballet 1st, Tap 2nd

12:20     Comets 2             Ballet 1st, Tap 2nd,  Jazz 3rd


Photo packages $45.00 for a flash drive with all your dancers photo’s on it.

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