# 11 November 1 - Week 9 Newsletter

I send out a weekly newsletter on Sundays through Constant Contact. Please look for the emails in your junk folder if it’s not in your inbox.

1. STATEMENT: Attached are invoices for November tuition, and Recital fee if it did not go through auto pay. I’m also including a copy of the Recital Page as my records show that not everyone got it, or opened it if they got it. Things were a bit nutty at the beginning of the season for everyone.

2. COSTUMES: Costume fees are due by Dec. 31st. Costume fees are a “guesstimate

3. A bit about automated computerized book keeping

In the Compudance system once an invoice is paid, it’s paid, I can’t adjust or delete. So, if I post an invoice for $50 for a ballet costume but find a great sale and get one for $40 I have a problem, with that $10 credit. I am spending time looking for clearance costumes, sale sites and sometimes other dance teachers have brand new costumes that they are willing to sell for a lower price.

If you send in a check or cash payment, I can put it in the “deposit” area, then when I have a final invoice I can apply it to the appropriate invoices. It’s easier for me to be accurate. I’ll post an invoice with an end of December date as a reminder, but please don’t pay that invoice online, just send in the amount. I’m sorry if it’s a hassle for you. I swear I’m trying to make things easier.

4. October’s theme was “Halloween Party”, November’s theme is “Dancegiving” . We will be having fun and being thankful for dance and friends. We had such fun in October, took lots of photo’s. They are all posted on the Facebook page, feel free to share or download to print.

5. We will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 26th. I cannot safely go to Omaha to see my family as we have 2 nephews under a year old but will try to Zoom in and chat with them. I know many of you are in the same situation. I’m not even sure my daughter will come from KC as she works at KU medical Center.

6. Looking ahead we will be closed Dec 21-Jan. 3. We will restart classes on Monday Jan 4th. This is a no school day but I would rather start with a full week.

7. Zoom & Band. This week I received notice that a dancer was quarantined due to school. I was able to set up Zoom in time and she was able to take class at home. It wasn’t ideal, but she got to dance and say hi to her classmates. If you are in a similar situation please let me know as soon as possible and I’ll do the same.

I will live stream the classes on Band, Nov 16, 17 and 19. I don’t see a lot of people watching the classes but I will continue to do so as long as we can not let parents into the building.

Band - if you are not on band please download the free app and join our Band. It’s really a very helpful tool for me to communicate with you.

8. Snow Days: I don’t anticipate snow days this year but with wacky weather who knows.... All my “stuff” for Zoom is at the studio. I feel if it’s not safe for dancers to be on the road to the studio, it’s not safe for me either, so I don’t think I will attempt to do Zoom classes if we have a snow day. I will notify you of snow day closing through the facebook page, email and Band.

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