To The Pointe! October Newsletter

1. STATEMENTS: Invoices may be attached to this newsletter. Invoices will be emailed. We hope all are accurate, but if you have a question, please fill out a Memo form

A) All credits for used dancewear sold have been applied to your account. I plan to use these credits towards your recital fees, but if you would prefer I can apply to tuition. Just write me a note.

B) LATE FEES The class tuition is due the 1st class of the month. The “grace” period lasts until the 14th. On the 15th auto pay will run for those who have set it up and not previously paid. If a card is declined or a payment not made a $20.00 late fee will be charged.

I did disable the late fee function for September because we were still making adjustments. It will be active for October.

C. Midland Fundraising Credits will be posted when the company tells me how much each dancer has earned, so will be a few weeks I’m sure. Items should arrive in 2-3 weeks I’m told.

Fundraisers are always optional we just want to help you out.


We will post the recital fee, - $45 single student/ $60.00 family is due by October 30th for those who want to participate (non-refundable after Jan. 1st). We do not sell tickets for our recital.


It is due by Nov 1st. We post it now so you can budget for it. The invoice shows the full amount, credits will be applied later in the month.

If you did the fundraiser we will apply those credits to the recital fee as soon as we receive them from the company.

What does the recital fee cover? The recital t-shirt and auditorium rental, during rehearsal and recital, the band room and little theatre rental, custodians, sound person, lights person, sets, programs, etc. etc. etc. Many people assume that use of school property is free…this is incorrect.

We do not sell tickets! You are free to invite as many people as you wish. Dancers receive “invitations” in May to give to friends and family.

If you have sold Midland Fundraiser those credits will be applied 1st to your recital fee, then to other areas.

3. New Friends and Families:

We have many new students who have joined our studio family in Aug/September. We welcome each of you! Please read all notes, keep all notes, check the websites frequently and read the windows!

Families are never an intrusion at Vivette’s Dance Studio, we welcome your presence. We do ask that hjnyou apply “home” rules to our studio home. If you drop it, pick it up, if you spill it wipe it up, don’t walk on the furniture, don’t throw the pillows, no running or shouting, empty out your drink before putting in the trash… you know, the “were you born in a barn?” mom rules.

4. DATES TO REMEMBER: Add to your calendar!

Tuition due 1st week of class

Oct 15 -auto pay runs late fees applied to unpaid accounts

Sat Oct 22 - City Halloween Party TBA usally 1:00osh

Sat Oct 29, 3pm Arbor Court

Oct 24-29 - Dancers may wear costumes to class in place of uniforms.

Halloween Performance at:

1) Arbor Court 1000 Schippel Court (just off Ohio, near the Wendy’s and Town & Country Vet) - Saturday Oct 29th, 3pm. Halloween Dances Startlets, Comets, Meteors, Constellation, Baton 1 and 2. (maybe a starfeet if we need costume change time for Baton kids)

2) City Halloween Party Sat Oct 22nd, more details as they figure it out and let us know.


All classes have been working on technique, the ballet classes are really seeing improvements in supporting leg and core strength

Wehn have been teaching the younger dancers Halloween dances or “fun dances” to reinforce the techniques we are working on.

We will be performing these at a nursing home and at the Mayors Halloween Party. More information later!

Our new Baton program is growing each week -learning skills and working on a Halloween routine.

They looked great in the parade.

The Starlets have learned their places, how to form a circle, Clap to the Right, This is How We Do It, Monster Boogie, Don’t Stop and much more. We have worked on locomotor movements of tip toes, chasse and are starting on skipping.

The Comets Class is learning Halloween Clocks and You don’t Scare Me.

The Meteors are learning Alley Cat Tap and SFall Ballet

Our 3 younger levels are learning locomotor movements: Fwd. and sideways moving chasses, ballet skips, chaine turns and love jumping over boxes and enjoyed the Squirrel game.

The Constellation dancers with Miss Shelby have been working on their Halloween dances and a taste of their spring recital dances.

Satellites and Galaxy Dancers have been working many ballet skills, increasing their tap skills, and have begun working on combinations that will be used in their dances.

Nebula dancers have been working on core strength and technique as they continue to improve their turning and leaping skills.

The Teachers are exploring music choices.


Halloween falls on a Monday this year. The Studio will be closed. Dancers may wear Halloween costumes or old Dance costumes the week before Halloween. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Make sure your dancer can dance in them


We moved in on Halloween 2003 and are very proud of all we have accomplished in 13 years. I was noticing how much the trees have grown! We are also very proud of how our dancers treat the building, taking care of it as “their own”. We are the only dance studio in town to own their own facility.

8. CLASS OPENINGS Opening remain in several classes, we appreciate the “tell a friend” advertising!

We have openings in all younger age groups as we offer several time slots for each age group.

9. PARADE We had so much fun at the parades be sure to check out the photos on the fan page on Facebook. We were lucky to be near the beginning of the line so that we were disembarking when the rains came!

(If you are not visiting the fan page please do so. Vivette’s Dance Studio Fan page) We will be doing the winter parade.


The members of our teams are hard at work learning new performance routines and techniques. Groups, Solo’s, and duet dancers who want to dance more are working hard and having fun. Team members will be attending the Dance Effect workshop in Wichita on Oct 16th.


For the Halloween and Christmas performances dancers wear their class uniform of black leotard and pink tights and add on various skirts that Miss Vivette provides for our Spring Recital we order costumes

This was in the studio policy information you recieved at registration.


Each student will be required to purchase a costume(s) for the recital.

A charge will be posted to your account in November towards the actual cost of the costume.

!! Miss Vivette is looking for some clearance costumes now that classes are stabilizing and we will lower these deposits if she finds bargains. Just letting you know so you can budget!

The charge will be

$60 for Starlets,

$80 for Meteors

$120 for Constellation ** We will try to keep this lower

Charge for Galaxy and Nebula will be $65.00 per costume ordered.

After all costumes and accessories are ordered and received, you will either be billed for the remainder due if any, or receive a credit on your account for the difference between the deposit and the actual cost. We generally do not go over the deposit amount; we try very hard to keep costume costs reasonable, reusing and recycling when possible.

  • The costume deposit is due by Dec 10, 2016. You may pay the deposit in full or in payments.

  • A $15.00 per costume late fee will be assessed after that date. Miss Vivette does not have the funds to pay for your students costume, costumes ordered late will also owe any shipping handling charges incurred for single orders.

You can ALWAYS prepay an amount towards your costume, just earmark it as costume and it won’t be applied to anything else.

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