To The Pointe! Feb 2017 Newsletter

1. Feb Statements are attached to this newsletter. Auto pay goes through on Wed Feb 15th for any unpaid balances. If you ever have a question about your account, give us the date on your receipt and Miss V will check!

2. Valentine Week Fun!

During Valentine Week Feb 13-18 we’ll have a special dress code. Wear anything pink, red, hearts, glitter and Valentine-y!

3. WINDOWS: It’s that time of year where I cover the windows in lists. Please do not remove the lists. If you do, someone might miss seeing that I haven’t spelled their dancers name right, or chosen the wrong size t-shirt, gotten the trophy year wrong or even left them off the program by accident. I’m sorry to inconvenience you but lists are the only way I can do some of this. Please check those lists!

4. RECITAL T-SHIRTS: The name list for the recital t-shirt and the size lists will be on the windows soon. Please check spellings and okay sizes. If you do not okay sizes, you get what I guessed your dancer would wear. If you don’t check spellings, …typo’s happen. Please check the spelling carefully, for example several years ago I had a Madeline, Madelyn, and Madilynn, a Maddison and a Madison, McKenzie, MaKenzie and Mackenzie. If I’ve left your dancers name off a list, just add it on, doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to dance, it just means I’ve made a mistake

Many parents like to order recital t-shirts also, just add your name and size to the list.

For those new to our studio: each year we have a t-shirt that reflects the theme of the recital, each dancer receives one, and each dancers name is listed on the back. Student shirts are free, parent shirts will be about $14.0 0if you want one.

A lot of our senior dancers have had quilts made with all the shirts…a little bit of home in the college dorms. We keep the design a secret until they are passed out.

5. Seniors: All our graduating seniors are invited to perform a solo in the recitals. They are introduced on stage and have their photos featured in the program. It’s a busy time for the seniors and we like to have them keep on top of things and not last minute stress so here is a check list.

Seniors, have you done the following?

___ Turned in music name to Miss V for Program. Best by March 15th.

___ Turned in music to Miss V for editing and program. Best by March 15th

___ Chosen your costume If ordering one, do it now.

___ Choreographed your solo. Don’t wait till last minute, plan it and work on it so you are happy and comfortable.

___ Turned in photo’s to Miss V for the PowerPoint.

She would like a variety of photos: baby, school, friends, activities, family, dance, prom, senior photo’s. Please remember that we have quite a few seniors and it takes a lot of time to scan the photos and to make the PowerPoint. Be considerate, start turning these in, labeled with who and dates if possible. I have Tanya and Quinns!

____ turned in your “message” for the program. You get to thank all the people who have helped you and say what you’d like to say. April 15th last date.

____ Thought about your bio for Miss V to read on stage, activities, awards, college plans etc.

______ Reminded your dad, or other escort that they will walk you on stage in your prom gown.

7. Starfeet Performance Team

We will attend the Western Kansas Dance Competition in Dodge City on Sat, Feb 4th

Dance Effect , BRAVO and EDGE in March and April.

8. Performances: In January we performed at Brookdale Kirwin, Brookdale Fairdale and Holiday Resort. On Feb 10th we have a performance at Half-time Salina Saints. At Holiday Resort one of the residents commented on how much she liked they way the dancers were learning different things, and how fun to see both young dancers and older ones. Another resident recalled how she danced and did acrobatics when she was that age. So many residents thank us for coming and ask us to come back soon.

9. Winter So Far we’ve had no snowdays and no major malfunctions (several years ago we had a furnace go out in studio on Jan, 27th) so it’s been an easy winter. Now that I’ve “jinxed” us...I will put snow closings or other emergency closings on Facebook fan page (you’ll have to check as not everyone receives all postings due to Facebooks algorithms); on radio, on and through the Compudance email system.

11. Love, Chloe will be held Sunday April 30th. At this point I think that Hoedown, Sr. Lyrical Wild Horses and one other dance will perform. More later. Conflicts in writing please.

12. Our spring fundraiser materials will be coming out soon. This one the profits are split between your account and the studio for major repairs the parking lot resurfacing that’s coming up. Very expensive and doing a fundraiser is one way for me to keep our tuition low. Optional as always but we appreciate the participation, and you might pay for the rest of the dance year or summer classes.

13. Photos will most likely be Sat April 29th with possiblity of Nebula and Starfeet on Sat or Sunday evening. More to come.

14. Many costumes are in, and are being altered, having straps added (thanks Miss Sharon!) headpieces made etc. Tights are coming in soon. When we have all just the way we want them we will send them home ready to wear. Just one of the many ways we show our appreciation for you! Tights were not included in costume price and so will be billed when they arrive. Some costumes will have adjustments to price, either up or down a little or prop fees added. We will explain all at the time.

Recital Reminders

Recital Sat May 20th 1:00 and or 4:30 at South High School. Most young ones are only in one show. If your dancer also is in hip hop, baton, pom, etc they may be in two. Adults will be in both shows because of scheduling.

Rehearsal for younger dancers will be on Friday May 19th

We perform at as many of the care homes as we can the week after recital as out last week of classes. If you have loved ones in a particular place we will do our best to make sure your dancers class performs there. As you know, our performances are a bright light for the residents. I so appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to bring your dancer to these performances.

From Miss V: I’m working on many things at once right now.. recital, costumes, choreography, competitions, summer workshops and schedules, fall schedules, and more. At this point I will NOT remember anything you just tell me about absences, etc. I WILL forget. Please help me by writing things down. Give the frontdesk ladies a note regarding changes in address, emails, planned absences,conflicts, sizes etc. This is an exciting, fun, time that my husband likes to call “Silly Season”.

You may see a worktable out with a note with directions to do something. Paint these objects red, make 7 bows, etc. If so, and you’d like to, please feel free to help. It takes a studio family to put on a great show. Another way to help: I’m so behind on our scrapbook this year, if you’d like to work on it, just ask the front desk ladies. I have cardstock, glue sticks and many photos!

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