Recital Information!


In August I put in applications for 3 different dates at two different locations, South and Central. I have also been talking to the Steiffel and the Masons as I was getting a little panicky. Due to the school constructions it’s been nerve wracking.

I am happy to announce that we have been given a date and a location by the school board.

We have been given Saturday, May 20th at South .

They can not give me a time on Mon or Tue for the older dancers to rehearse as we usually do. However, since school is out we will be able to have the older dancers rehearse and decorate earlier in the day, and the younger ones in the early evening when parents are off work, so, I think it’s going to work out well.

Tentative plan - subject to change as circumstances change!:

Friday May 19th

12:00-4:00 Nebula and Galaxy rehearse all dances. This will include our team dances as team dancers are part of these two groups. Those not on stage can decorate the lobby, set up the photo backdrop and decorate the stage, and get the band room ready,

4:-5:30 dinner break.

5:30-8:00 All younger dancers. Nebula will help younger ones on and off the stage, line up etc.

Adults due to work schedule will probably rehearse 8:00-9:00; earlier if it all works out.

Recitals will be Sat, May 20th 1:00 and 4:30.

I will not begin to work on performance order till Feb. Some dancers will be in only 1 show, quite a few will be in both to avoid frantic costume changes and exhausted dancers. Both shows are different. I’d rather do 2 short shows than one lonnnnggg one.

We do not charge admission, you are free to invite as many friends and family as you wish.

We will end out season with a “Care Home Tour” as we dance at as many care homes as we can in the week after recital.

Thanks! Looking forward to a great show “Destination: Dance!”

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