To The Pointe! April 2017 Neslwetter

I hope you all have enjoyed your spring break. I've seen lots of FB news of trips and visits to the zoo and other fun things. I worked hard at getting things ready for our 4th quarter of our Aug-May session.

1) New class: On Wed our new Spring Fling Ballet class starts for age 3-6. We still have 3 spots if you know of a younger sister, cousin or neighbor who would like to try out dance for a short time.

2) Open Studio time: From now until recital we will have open studio time on Thursday's 4;30-9 pm and Saturday mornings 9-1:00 in Studio B. Seniors can sign up for time to work on their solos and others can come in to work on skills. A simple sign up sheet on the door (Reserved for Dancer Suzy Thur 4:30-5:30 ) will work to avoid conflicts.

I ask that a parent come in with younger dancers just to make sure someone is aware if they fall while turning or something. Several pieces of sound equipment are available. There is no charge for open studio time for our members. Please remember that there is to be no food in that room as it's prone to getting ants if there is food crumbs.

3) Costumes Time will fly as we head into recital season. Costumes will be coming home this week. Two costumes were exchanged for size, Sierra Marin's and Brielle Perrin's ballet costumes, they will arrive about April 18. We have done all the "work" for you this year, attached straps, bows, made headpieces, steamed costumes and placed in a garment bag so they are "ready to wear". A few costumes are not yet paid for and they will not be going home until they are.

4) Photo schedules are attached. I have recieved zero conflicts for April 29/30th so it will be easy.

5) Love, Chloe Dance Extravaganza April 30th is the date of Love, Chloe Showcase. I am no longer in charge of this having let my "baby" go in to the capable hands of the Love, Chloe foundation. We know that we will be performing Just Like Fire, Can't Stop the Beat and one other piece. I haven't yet chosen the 3rd piece from the younger dancers but will do so soon. this year the Love, Chloe foundation sent out pledge packets for each dancer at participating studio's. These were sent home (extra's on the table) and are due back on or before April 8th.

6) Spring Fundraiser: We did not have many participants among our members. Forms were sent in over spring break. Items will be passed out when we get them.

7) Summer Camps and Classes. I completely forgot about River Festival when I made the summer schedule so the Week 1 camps will be 3 day only for $60.00 ($55 before April 15), as I work setting up on Thur of Festival and all weekend. Don’t forget to sign up soon! The price will not populate when you register online, I have to do that individually.

8) Window lists: Please check today that your dancer’s name is spelled corrrectly, is on the list, has the right t-shirt size and trophy year, and is listed in the program. Kynslie Catania and Savannah Bonilla I need you to look at your old trophies and tell me what year you had last. I lost data in a computer crash and don’t have all the old records. Parents if you simply cannot come into do this, let me now and I will email you the lists to check.

9) Seniors; Jody, Hanna, Tanya and Quinn. I’m working on the power point. I have photos from some of you, need from the others. I need your music if I’m to cut it for you sooner than later. Make sure you are using a clean version of the music and that you’ve checked the lyrics. I’ve had a few “oh my” moments in the past.

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