May 15 Newsletter

Whoo hoo, Recital week!

1) Posters: I haven't had a single dance poster brought in. I hope that means that you are bringing them in this week. We will be putting them up at rehearsal so if you don't bring it in on class day, please bring it to rehearsal. Please leave posters up for both shows. We will bring them to the studio for you to pick up there if you are only in the 1st show.

2) Rehearsal information was sent out as hard copy, emailed and is on the website.

Please arrive on time, only water in the auditorium, bring your patience. Dancers should wear classwear, not costumes, be sure to bring dance shoes.

*We will run the finale first in each section, then the dances mostly in show order. We will spend more time with the littles to make sure they are comfortable with the situation. This is not a day for rehearsing the dance but more to understand the new space they are dancing in.

Please try keep siblings from running around, I know it’s long and boring for them but we have no one to “baby-sit”.

*I always stand on the corner of the stage with the Starlets and Comets. I know other studio’s may prefer to have the teacher behind the curtain but that’s not our way.

The Meteors have told me not to stand on stage for their ballets! I love their confidance! (Yep, that was deliberate)

*When dancers have run their last dance they may leave.

3. Recital:

When to arrive: 20 minutes before your recital. So 1:00 arrive at 12:40, 4:30 arrive at 4:10.

Where to go: Galaxy and Nebula will be in the Drama class room. Spring Fling, Starlets, Comets, Meteors, Constellation will be in the Band room. I think the boys will be in the Vocal Music room but I need to check on that. Trevor Peterson will be the “handler” for Patrick, Nathan, and Allen helping them to change and escorting to the restroom. All younger female dancers should have an underliner on so there will be no issues with privacy. I really did mean it when I told you to order one. :) BTW someone left a tiny underliner and tan tights on picture day and we’ve yet to find the owner. The underliner has some ribbing on it, so it’s a little unusual.

Dancers are to find their name on a chair in a chair circle and stay there. Adult dancers and older dancers and twirlers will be assisting dancers getting on and off stage, and changing costumes. Most changes for younger dancers happen during intermission so if moms want to come help at intermission that is fine.

Sorry, no dads in the girls dressing room.

What to wear: First costume. Hair and makeup done. You may want to bring a rack for costumes. Older dancers know to bring a laundry basket, one costume goes off, drops in the basket and the next one goes on. Not much time to rehang between dances!

We encourage you to stay and watch the entire recital, the dancers at the end deserve an audience as much as the dancers at the beginning. Plus, your dancer really wants to do the “troll dance”! Both shows are different with the exception of the Starlet and Comet dancers who are repeating in the 4:30 show so dancers could have time to change costumes. (Thanks Moms and Dads!)

After the finale dance the dancers will be returned to their chair circles where they have been told to sit and stay till their grown up comes.

4) Auto pay will run Monday, May 15th. If your auto pay is not working and you have a balance, please see the desk ladies or pay through the parent portal. To find your parent portal on the website, click on classes, scroll down past Katelynn's toes and click on parent portal. You will use the email you registered on file, if you have forgotten your password, just click on forgot password to reset. I can't do that for you.

5) Recital shirts went home last week (minus a few absent ones that we will give out this week). Dancers wear this for finale (the "troll dance" as they call it." Make sure your name is in it, all the shirts look alike, and kids have been know n to drop them and mix them up. They will just put these on over their last costume or you may send a pair of black shorts or leggings to change into if you wish.

6) Check out the Facebook page for daily recital tips.

7) RELAX and BREATHE your dancer will be wonderful. They are young, they are learning, we do not expect perfection. Praise them, yes, even if they just stand there, occasionally it’s just overwhelming for a tiny dancer. Lots of hugs, photos, flowers, smiles

8) Photo backdrop will be up again this year. Dancers so enjoyed it last year, and we enjoyed seeing the photo’s you posted.

9) Flowers will be for sale at the recital for only $5.00.

10) Video: The two recitals will be recorded in their entirety by Legleiter Video. All orders go through them. I’m not going to have ushers prowl through the audience telling you not to record but you can sit back and enjoy the show. They’ve got this.

11) Trophy party. Did you know every dancer gets a trophy each year? We will have our trophy party Friday May 26 from 4-8. (Alternate date is Sat June 3rd, I’ll send out emails etc.) If we pick up a show on Friday we’ll do the party on Saturday. June 3rd. I’m waiting for a call back but have to print these newsletters now. We hope to have a rough copy of the DVD to show, it’s a come and go affair, get your trophy, pick up your poster, say hi, register for summer classes and camps,

12) Summer classes and camps are open to registration on the website or in person. Because we set these up “a little out of the norm” we have to hand key in the fees. Registration will close 1 week before each camp or class is to start.

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