What to expect from your Preschool Dancers First Class?

What can you expect from your dancer’s first preschool dance classes?

Your dancer may run into the room ready to have fun, or your dancer may be shy and hold back. Some may not want to leave the play area. Your dancer may even cry. Don’t worry, it will be okay. Some children are eager for new experiences, some need to hold back, watch and consider. Your dancer will be encouraged to join in and reassured that it’s okay to just watch.

Our first few lessons will focus on letting your dancer to feel comfortable in our room and this new situation. The studio door will be left open for the 1st few weeks, a parent may come in and watch with a hesitant dancer.

Your dancer will learn to listen to the teacher, stand in place, and take turns. Your dancer will work with props and sing songs that are already familiar. Your dancer will learn responsibility by taking care of their shoes, putting their bags in their cubby.

In a few weeks when dancers are feeling secure dancers will begin to take leadership roles as door shutter, line leader, etc. Your dancer will begin to earn stickers on their sticker cards and earn prizes.

Your dancer will begin to feel pride in knowing what they have learned! Your dancer may not want to show you anything they have learned but you may notice they are singing songs or “teaching” younger siblings, pets or even toys.

Near Halloween your dancer will begin to perform at care homes. This is another new experience and it may take a time or two for your dancer to feel comfortable and enjoy this. Even the pretty skirts Miss V brings to wear may cause some concern because it’s new and different. Some may cry or refuse to join the group, it is okay, no worries. The next time or the next they will feel safe and secure and join in. Going out for a treat afterwards makes it even more fun!

By the time Christmas comes around your dancer will be excited to go to do more performances.

In January your dancer will begin to learn recital dances, In March recital costumes will come in and the excitement will build. In April Photo’s will be taken and in May memories will be made.

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