Is my child too old to join dance classes?

Is it too late for my child to join dance classes?

At Vivette’s Dance Studio we say that you are never too old to learn to dance.

A student who is 9 yrs old or older is a great age to begin as they are old enough to really focus on skills being taught and to learn and progress. Skills they have learned in gymnastics or sports, while different from dance, will help them to learn and grow and a rapid rate.

Our varied classes lets an student experience many styles and find one or more they really enjoy.

Dance Team prep is a class intended for the student that may have taken dance as a child, or never taken dance classes but has natural aptitude and the desire to be a member of their highschool dance team. This class focuses on the skills needed to audition for Vets, Peppers and other local teams, including turns, leaps, hip hop and kick line. Learning new combo’s frequently will help the student to pick up new choreography quickly.

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