September 2017 Newsletter

1. Welcome to our many new families, and welcome back to our returning ones. Our 43rd year is going to be an exciting one! Our performance theme is “Dreams” exploring things we dream about.

2. Staff

Miss Shelby Heier joins our staff teaching Nebula Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop, Meteor Jazz, Constellation Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.

Miss Taylor Harner returns teaching our fantastic and growing baton program on Wednesdays. We have both competitive and non-competitve baton classes this year and our new Tiny Twirlers ballet/ baton combo class following the USTA syllabus.

Miss Tanya Huse joins us as Jr level Pom instructor on Wednesdays. We are taking names for a Wed Hip Hop and/or Lyrical class

Miss Hollie Grebin is an alumni of VDS. Her daughter Brielle is in dance and baton, and Hollie enjoys our adult jazz and lyrical class. She is assisting in the baton classes and will be subbing for classes as needed.

Miss Sara returns as desk on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Miss Sharon is at the desk Monday and Wednesday.

2. Rhinestone transfers! If you haven’t done so yet please bring in any plain t-shirt , sweatshirt or zip up hoodie for us to apply your free rhinestone logo. Miss Vivette does shirts once a week, usually on Saturdays. Drop off with your name pinned on it. First logo transfer free to dancers, others $10.00. We have a few tank tops already stoned for sale on the rack. Dancers will wear these sparkly shirts in the Sept 23rdh parade so bring them in soon!

3. Communication New families, my greatest suggestion to you is to get a notebook just for dance and put every single note in it. I pass out a lot of notes. There will be a monthly newsletter and notes as things come up that you will need to know. I will put the newsletters up on the website. I will post things on the Face book page “Vivette’s Dance Studio .” I will tape notes to the windows and have a copy in the Notes notebook in the lobby.

Our website address

My email address is

Studio phone is 785-827-3396.

Communication with my dance families is very important to me but I simply can’t call you back to tell you information that you were previously given or could find.

I will usually answer a non-urgent text the next day. I try to keep all information on the website so that it’s easily accessible if you lose a note or have deleted an email.

4. September 23rd Parade. I would love a float group. The Gans family has graciously agreed to provide their trailer again for this parade. The Theme is Sparkling Imagination. I have silver float fringe, dark teal balloons and some silver stars. I would love some additional sign makers, ideas etc. I’m subbing a lot for a special ed teacher and that’s taking up time for me to make things. Dancers will wear rhinestone studio shirts or recital or dress up costumes as they ride the float.

Please drop shirts off before Sept 16th as that is the last day I will be able to work on them before the parade.

Miss Taylor has a float for the Taylor’s Twirlers !

5. Membership fee: Membership fees for single students and siblings have been posted. It is due by September 10th.

6. Tuition: Our 1st tuition installment has been posted and is due 1st week of class. Autopay runs on September 10th for any unpaid charges. You always have the option to pay by cash or check before the autopay runs if you do not wish to have direct payment.

Late fees also known as the “wish you would have paid on time fee” of $20.00 will be added to your account for unpaid items.

Mistakes do happen, try as we might not to do so, if you think something is wrong, please let us know and we’ll check it out. Miss V went through each dancers account checking classes and other items.

7. Fundraiser: Attached to this newsletter are materials for an optional fundraiser in the fall for you to earn money for your recital fee and costumes. A small percentage is kept to cover our expenses for the fundraiser, the rest will be credited to your account. Recital fee is due Oct 30th, Costume fees are due Dec 15th.

This is not a fundraiser for the studio, just for you.

8. News: 4 of our dancers attended the Kansas City Ballet Day of Dance August 25th with Miss V. Ashlynn Armstrong, Olivia Ford, Dara Kinion, Joslyn Peterson and Miss Vivette took classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Pilates Reformer, Zumba, Modern and Flamenco and watched performances in lyrical, tap, Irish, Spanish, Phillipines, and a preview of the Kansas City Ballet’s new production Fractals and a bit of Romeo and Juliet. . It was a great day and the girls want to go again next year!

9. STARFEET : Our performance team began meeting in the summer working on their dances for our community performances and competition. Team members will be attending a workshop in Wichita on Sunday, Oct 16th. Non team members are welcome to attend, fee is $95. Just ask me about it!

10. Families are not a burden at Vivette’s Dance Studio. We like having you here in our lobby. We have the play area for younger siblings and our comfy couches for parents. When the weather cools down we’ll bring out the hot pot and stock up the teas and coffees. We just ask that you treat the space with respect, picking up after yourself and your children. We ask that you treat all dancers and parents with respect never speaking ill of anyone. This is a safe place, a drama free zone.

11. Dress Code: Our dress code is very simple and we ask that you abide by it for the safety of the dancers and the ease of teachers to teach. Black leotard, pink or tan tights, black snug fitting dance shorts, pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes, black jazz shoes. A ballet tutu is part of the uniform for the youngest dancers. Twirlers follow this dress code also. We ask the senior dancers to remember that they are role models and to not get lazy or sloppy and respect their art by wearing a black leotard of any style or a black tank top. Hair should be pulled up, a bun is best as pony tails can whip the eyes during turns.

13. Enrollment in our classes is ongoing until the point where I have to cut off due to costume availabilty or a class maxes out. If your dancer has a friend who would like to try a class, please bring them along.

14. New Classes -

Fit Dance a high energy moving class for our members moms/dads meeting on Mondays 7:15 to 8 for 8 weeks. (September 11-Oct 30) Member only price is only $20.00! Non member price $40.00 (Studio membership has perks!) Wear comfy clothes and socks. To enroll you will need to register as a student, there will be no membership fee. I’ll remove if the system adds it!

Tiny Twirlers- a Combination of Ballet and Baton meeting on Thursdays 5:30-6:30. Taught by Miss Vivette and Miss Taylor it promises lots of fun for age 3 to 6

Taking names for Hip Hop and Lyrical on Wednesdays, Pom is going.

Parents Night Out-Membership Party Friday- September 29th - 7pm to 9pm. Drop dancers and siblings off for crafts, fun, dancing and movies and some treats while you enjoy a “date night dinner” by yourselves. Members fee $5.00 per child, non member friends may attend for $10.00 per child. Prior Registration requested so we may plan enough supplies and enough helpers. Just call in, email or drop a note off at the desk.

12. Dates to remember

September 4th - Closed for Labor Day

September 4-10 - All tuition due. (We are closed Monday but since it’s so easy to pay online, shouldn’t be a big deal.)

September 23 - Smokey Hill Museum Parade

September 29 - PNO September membership party

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