To The Pointe - October Newsletter

1. STATEMENTS: Invoices may be attached to this newsletter. Invoices will also be emailed. We hope all are accurate, but if you have a question, please fill out a Memo form

A) LATE FEES The class tuition is due the 1st class of the month. The “grace” period lasts until the 14th. On the 10th auto pay will run for those who have set it up and not previously paid. If a card is declined or a payment not made a $20.00 late fee will be charged. This month we had several declined due to inaccurate numbers and those were corrected with no late fee charged.

I did disable the late fee function for September because we were still making adjustments. It will be active for October.

B) Midland Fundraising Credits will be posted when the company tells me how much each dancer has earned, so will be a few weeks I’m sure. Items should arrive in 2-3 weeks I’m told.

Fundraisers are always optional we just want to help you out.

2. COMMUNICATION Miss V sends out a monthly printed newsletter, weekly emails, posts almost daily on the Face book studio Page (Vivette’s Dance Studio). She is not often available by phone. Email is the best way to contact her. You may also leave a memo note at the desk with any concerns.

3. Miss V’s foot - still broken. Miss Deb our yoga teacher has been so kind to demonstrate for me on Tuesday and Thursdays. One of our young ones said “It’s kinda good you broke your foot because now we are learning to do things by ourselves.”

3. DATES TO REMEMBER: Add to your calendar!

Tuition due 1st week of class

Fri Sept 29 - Parents Night Out Pary

Sat Oct 7 - Veterans Appreciation Parade

Oct 10 -auto pay runs late fees applied to unpaid accounts

Sat Oct 22 - City Halloween Party

Oct 23-28 Dancers may wear costumes to class in place of uniforms.

4. Parents Night Out- Membership Party! Friday, Sept 29th 7pm-9pm. Drop Dancers and siblings off for crafts, fun, dancing and movies and some treats while you enjoy a “date night dinner” by yourselves. Members fee $5.00 per child, non member friends may attend for $10.00 per child. Prior Registration requested so we may plan enough supplies and enough helpers. Just call in, email or drop a note off at the desk.


Sat Oct 7th lineup is 2pm - don’t need dancers until 2:30 ish, waiting is hard., parade starts at 3pm. They have requested a patriotic theme so we have red, white, blue fringe and balloons for the float. Miss V will provide small flags for the dancers and family to wave. Dancers should wear anything red/white/ blue.


$50 single student/ $70.00 family is due by Nov. 1 (non-refundable after Jan. 1st). We do not sell tickets for our recital.


It is due by Nov 1st. We post it now so you can budget for it. The invoice shows the full amount, credits will be applied later in the month.

If you did the fundraiser we will apply those credits to the recital fee as soon as we receive them from the company.

What does the recital fee cover? The recital t-shirt and auditorium rental, during rehearsal and recital, the band room and little theatre rental, custodians, sound person, lights person, sets, programs, etc. etc. etc. Many people assume that use of school property is free…this is incorrect.

We do not sell tickets! You are free to invite as many people as you wish. Dancers receive “invitations” in May to give to friends and family.

If you have sold Midland Fundraiser those credits will be applied 1st to your recital fee, then to other areas.

7. New Friends and Families:

We have many new students who have joined our studio family in Aug/September. We welcome each of you! Please read all notes, keep all notes, check the websites frequently and read the windows!

Families are never an intrusion at Vivette’s Dance Studio, we welcome your presence. We do ask that hjnyou apply “home” rules to our studio home. If you drop it, pick it up, if you spill it wipe it up, don’t walk on the furniture, don’t throw the pillows, no running or shouting, empty out your drink before putting in the trash… you know, the “were you born in a barn?” mom rules.

8. Halloween Performances at:

1) We will begin our Care Home performances in late October. I am waiting on confirmation of dates so will send more information later. For our newer families we perform a lot at care homes. Dancers wear their class uniforms and Miss V brings various skirts to add to fun. These are always casual, Teachers coach dancers if needed. Afterwards we all take a bow together and shake hands with the residents. You can help your dancer enjoy performances by always being positive and being proud of them no matter what. Going out for a treat afterwards is a big deal. I remember the thrill of my parents taking me for a DQ cone after a dance performance! Some dancers will be shy, some cry. It’s okay, Last year one little girl cried for the 1st 5 performances, then then next one she had the biggest smile on her face and you should have seen her rocking with joy at recital!

2) City Halloween Party Sat Oct 22nd, has been changed to the field house. I think we are performing but more details as they figure it out and let us know.


Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year. The Studio will be closed so dancers can trick or treat. Dancers may wear Halloween costumes or old Dance costumes the week before Halloween, Oct 23-28. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Make sure your dancer can dance in them


All dancers should have their dress code items by now. We are 5 weeks into classes. Dancers are to wear a black leotard, pink or tan tights, pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes. We are phasing out black jazz shoes for girls so for a bit we will have a mixture of tan and jazz until dancers outgrow their black ones. The STARLETS wear a tutu style # 99-411o Balera Pink tutu from

All other dancers wear black shorts. I know there are lots of pretties to wear but there is a reason for everything we do and a very simple dress code enables us to see the dancers form and teach class without distraction.

11. CLASS OPENINGS Opening remain in several classes, we appreciate the “tell a friend” advertising!

We have openings in all younger age groups as we offer several time slots for each age group. The Monday Comets 4:45-5:45 is for dancers in K & 1st grade. We also have room in our Starlets class, the Tue Meteors, Tues Pom & Hip Hop, and boys Hip Hop. Adult yoga on Tuesday evenings is a great class.


The members of our teams are hard at work learning new performance routines and techniques. Groups, and duet dancers who want to dance more are working hard and having fun. Team members will be attending the Dance Effect workshop in Wichita on Oct 15th. Dancers were excited to get new shorts as part of their team uniform.


For the Halloween and Christmas performances dancers wear their class uniform of black leotard and pink tights and add on various skirts that Miss Vivette provides for our Spring Recital we order costumes

This was in the studio policy information you received at registration.


Each student will be required to purchase a costume(s) for the recital.

Several companies went out of business this year that we relied on so we increased the deposit amount a bit in anticipation. If Miss Vivette finds bargains we will adjust the deposit downward.

A charge will be posted to your account in November towards the actual cost of the costume.

  • The charge will be $75 Starlets, Comets and Meteors. We will try to get 2 costumes.

  • The charge for Constellation and Nebula will be $65.00 per costume ordered. We will try to have one costume be “casual” (Ie.a particular color t-shirt with their black dance shorts) .

  • Boys costumes are not as easily ordered and usually involve shirts and shorts/pants. Boys fees are charged after we figure out what we can do. Sometimes there is a matching boys costume offered, but not alwasy.

  • After all costumes and accessories are ordered and received, you will either be billed for the remainder due if any, or receive a credit on your account for the difference between the deposit and the actual cost. We usually come very close to the deposit amouont! We try very hard to keep costume costs reasonable, reusing and recycling when possible.

  • The costume deposit is due by Dec 15, 2017. You may pay the deposit in full or in payments. A $15.00 late fee per costume will be applied to late orders. Miss Vivette does not have the funds to pay for your dancers costumes. Late orders have additional shipping, charges and run the risk or late arrival.

  • You can ALWAYS pay ahead into your deposit, many parents add $10 to their tuition payment to be put in their deposit. We have to do this for you, you can’t do it on line unfortunately.

  • A $

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