November Newsletter

PLEASE TRY TO ALWAYS READ THE NEWSLETTERS BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. I try to answer them all, as I know our new families have questions.

1. STATEMENTS: Attached to this newsletter are your statements for November 2017. Included are charges for classes Sept-Nov., dancewear, and private lessons

2. RECITAL FEE: Recital fees are due Nov. 15. I have applied any credits from overpayments, sold shoes etc to the recital fee. I also will apply the credits from the fall fundraiser to your recital fee, if you have a balance remaining it will show as “balance due” on that invoice. I printed these invoice statements on Oct 24. Unlike other Salina studio’s we do not sell tickets to the recital, we use the recital fee instead to pay for the rental of the auditorium, lights, sound, programs etc.

2. COSTUME DEPOSITS: In the next two weeks you will receive print outs for costume deposits. I’m not quite ready to post these yet. Deposits are an educated “guesstimate” based on my years of experience ordering costumes and taking into account the costumes teachers are picking out.

3. Underliners: An underliner is a nude colored leotard worn under costumes in place of underwear. Dancers who have more than one costume will need a nude underliner for modesty in the dressing rooms. No privacy there! We often have used ones turned in by those dancers who have outgrown them. They can be ordered from, or Search for nude camisole leotard, may not be called an “underliner”.

Just keep it in mind. Every year I have a parent question the need for this, but we dance in so many care homes, basketball games etc that modesty is an issue. Many little ones are very sensitive to “feels” and this is a nice layer next to the skin.


Some of our dancers and baton twirlers performed their Halloween Dances at Arbor Court on Sat Oct 21st. They did such a good job. The dancers looked adorable in their Halloween themed outfits. Photos and videos on our fan page. Parents have been so good about sharing photo’s from these events.

We will dance at Holiday Resort on Nov. 4th 3pm.


Wed Nov 22nd - Sunday Nov 26th for Thanksgiving break. Classes will resume Mon Nov 27th, we do NOT close for teacher conferences, in-service, Presidents Day. MLK day, Valentine’s Day etc. Like many of you, I will travel “home” to Omaha to see my family.


Some classes will begin learning our Christmas and or winter dances in Nov and December for younger dancers, incorporating an increasing level of skills that they will use as they begin their recital dances in January.

Some Dancers will perform at a Nursing Home, more information later and the Community Christmas Party if they have performers

7. WINTER PARADE Miss Taylor and the twirlers will be performing in the winter parade on Sat. Nov 18th

By request of parents the dancers will not be performing or riding on a float this year. We did the summer, fall and veterans parades, but we will let this one go.

8. FACEBOOK: There has been a recent change to Facebook that may keep our studio page from appearing in your feed. Try to check in to see new photos, videos, announcements etc. If you make a comment, even an x or emoji you increase the chances of seeing our posts. Facebook is wanting small businesses like myself to pay for every post to be seen and I just can’t afford that.

9 DRESS CODE: Thank you for adhering to our dress code. We appreciate it so much when the dancers come dressed to dance with their hair up in or buns or pony‘s!. Buns are best and not hard to do. We’ll be happy to teach you. You need, bobby pins, a strong hair band, and a hair net, optional bun donut. I really would like all dancers with long enough hair to start wearing buns to class. We are working on faster turns and a bun really makes it easier.

I’d like to request that dancers in older levels wear stretchy headbands so that they are not adding “hair-ography” to their routines by always brushing back their hair from their face.

As the outside weather gets colder please remember that the studios are plenty warm, the dancers are working hard and it is not necessary to bundle them up with extra layers underneath their leotard. A sweater or sweatshirt that they can take off is fine. Legwarmers are stylish and serve a purpose to keep muscles warm.

Please remind them that it is important to wear their coats when leaving the studio building even though they are “hot“. The Lobby area is controlled by the Studio B’s thermostat. The studio is kept cooler for the dancers so the lobby may seem chilly to the parents, and of course when the door opens cold air comes in. We’ll put out a space heater if needed, if you’ll keep an eye on the little siblings please. The hot pot is always on for waiting parents to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. We encourage the dancers to drink only water at the studio.

10. Rhinestone transfers: If you’d like a studio rhinestone shirt or hoodie we are happy to do that for you. 1 per member free. Please bring in a shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie for me to apply the transfer to. Please remember to label them with dancer’s name. Parents if you’d like a Dance Mom or Dance Grandma One just let me know and I’ll get them ordered. Cost for those is $10.

11. StarFeet Academy Performance Teams. Team members are working hard on their team pieces for competitions and performances in the spring semester. 6 of our dancers attended The Dance Effect Workshop on Sunday Oct 15h taking classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and musical theatre. It was a long, tiring, very worthwhile day!

12. Ask the Desk. Remember, if you have questions about any studio procedure or happening, be sure to ask the desk. If they don’t know the answer immediately, they’ll memo me and we’ll get back to you. You can also check the Note and Newsletter notebook in the lobby currently on the lobby table. I’m trying to keep the website current with newsletters. The new website is really easy to navigate.

13. Emails and communication I have some emails bouncing back to me. If you are not receiving our emails (I sent one out today about costume week activities) please email me at and we’ll get you added to the list at once.

We try very hard to communicate with notes, the Facebook fan page, the website and emails. There isn’t time in between classes to have extensive conversations. We often have a share this post for a free snack coupon offer on the fan page.


Nov 4 - Performance at Holiday Resort

Nov 10 tuition due

Nov 15 - Recital fees due

Nov. 18 Christmas Parade for baton

Nov 22-26 Closed for Thanksgiving.

Dec 1 - Parents Night out Party

Dec 8th - I really need to shop without the kids Party

Dec 23 - Starfeet Christmas and rehearsals unless too many will be out of town

Dec.24-Jan 5 closed for Christmas break.

Jan 25 - MLK day - we are OPEN!

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