May 2018 Newsletter

Count down to recital 3 weeks of classes left!

1. Statements: Attached are statements for May, any previous months yet unpaid, late fees if applicable, costume misc , shoes etc.

2. Picture day: Is this Saturday Ma 5th . A schedule was previously sent home on paper and emailed out. There are a number taped to the doors and windows in the studio. If an emergency comes up please let us know, other wise we hope that everyone will be able to be there Dancers are to wear their costumes, tights, dance shoes, hair as in the note, makeup is not necessary unless you and your dancer wish.

3. Recital reminder: Recital is Saturday May 19th at Central High School . There is no admission charge, no tickets to buy. We choose to keep things simple by having a recital fee. There are no reserved seats. Central does not allow us to bring food or drink into the auditorium. In the past many people have thought this rule did not apply to them. It really does.

Remember to use positive words with your young dancer. “I’m so excited to see you dance.” “I’m so proud of you”. “You have worked so hard to learn your dances” will uplift your dancer. Words like “are you scared?” “Don’t get stage fright” “Nothing to be afraid of” only imply that something worrisome is about to happen to them.

Celebrate with them before and after the program. Sometimes the little ones get overwhelmed with new experiences. I’ll be standing on the corner of the stage where they can see me and feel safe and secure and enjoy their recital. It’s all about the kids that day! So make it a big deal, I loved going out for ice cream with my parents after my recitals! You can even wear your costume if you are careful with the fudge sauce!

4. Rehearsal schedule. We are doing things a bit differently this year to see if it works better. Schedule should be attached unless my printer freaked out.

5. POSTERS! It’s time to be working on and bringing in those dance posters for the recital lobby. The poster is about your child and (hopefully) by your child. Pictures, stickers, glitter Let them have fun making their I’m a Star Poster. I have few of last years that I will put out to display. This is a big deal to your child, please don’t blow it off. The recital is all about them.

6. EMAILS If you are not getting our weekly emails please email me and I will try to get it straightened out. I would really like to become more “green” and use less paper (invoices this time were 176 pieces of paper! ), but so many clients tell me “I don’t bother looking at my email”, that I hesitate to go email only.

7. CARE HOME SHOWS AFTER RECITAL: the week after recital we traditionally go to many care homes and perform our dances for the residents. It’s a really good thing. If you have someone special in a particular home, please let me know and I will try to schedule your dancer there.

8. Our Miss Taylor got married this weekend. It was a lovely wedding, many of her Taylor’s Twirlers got to attend!

9 Summer! As noted in previous notes I am teaching both the City Rec Program at our studio and our studio program this summer. City Rec classes are to be registered through their site. Our studio classes are to be registered on our site. I hope to have all the summer classes imported to Compudance in the next few days. Summer classes are not required, but beneficial to the dancer in that skills gained are not lost.

10. FALL SCHEDULE. Seems a bit funny to talk about fall when we have not done summer yet but I am anticipating next year’s schedule staying pretty close to this years.

11. LOVE NOTES; What are “Love Notes”? Love Notes are messages in the program to a dancer. For example:

Princess Ballerina: We are so proud of you, Love Mom and Dad.

Amazing Dancer: From your 1st recital to your senior recital you have always been our star. Grandma and Grandpa

Love Notes are $5.00 for simple text Please enclose the fee when turning in your Love note. Program is still being tweaked, must be to printer by May 10th, no exceptions.

Thanks for reading! This has been a great year for me, the dances are so fun, the dancers have really enjoyed their time in the studio. We’ve had a few up and downs with change of teachers, change of recital location, my broken foot but wild ride or not it’s been fun.

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