What Makes Us Different?

Hi all! Miss V here! When I attend conferences the marketing people always say "Decide what makes you different and market to that." I've had a hard time with that because in Salina, Ks we have many excellent dance studio's all doing essentially the same thing; teaching dance lessons to children and adults ages 2 on up. We all teach ballet, tap, jazz,hip hop and depending on the studio a few other styles. So, What Makes Us Different?

I've put a lot of thought into this as it's really a tough question.

1. Flavor - Each of the fine studio's in Salina have their own flavor, some are spicy, some are mild, some change flavors with each new "trend". What is our flavor? I think we are like a great cup of hot chocolate, sweet, warm, comforting, rich tasting, relaxing.

2. Family Oriented - We have a large bright comfortable lobby with a play area for siblings, free hot drinks for the parents, large observation windows. lots of seating, colorful folk art on the walls and a friendly staff. Some studio's might have a drop and go philosophy;come back on Observation Day. We actually like having our dancers parents hang around as we get to know them.

3. Convenience and Consideration - We utilize the scheduling concept of all on one night knowing that dance is probably just one of your families activities. We make every effort to find sibling classes that are on the same day as each other. We do not expect our children to spend 15 hours a week in the studio.

4. "G-rated" We pride ourselves on our appropriateness. "No Bellies on Babies" . While nothing is cuter than a 3 yr olds tummy the world does not need to see it splashed on the internet. Our costumes are amazing, colorful, fun, graceful, sassy, but never sexy. Our children have their whole lives to be old and we don't intend to hurry that. Our song choices are always vetted for language and ideas . Some may want a more trendy, edgy dance experience for their child, if so we are happy to guide them to another studio that may better suit those expectations.

5. Developmentally Centered - We guide our dancers through the levels and skills of dance. We won't promise that your dancer will learn trip turns and incredible extensions in the 1st year. They will not look like the dancers on tv. 3, 5 and 9 yr olds are at a vastly different developmental level so we don't expect them to dance alike. We focus on building technique over tricks. Dance is fun but it's also work. We teach the students that reward comes with effort, that if you want to do the splits you have to stretch every day. Want to do a triple turn? Learn to hold your balance on one foot for 8 cts. In a fast paced, immediate gratification world, we teach them to slow down and work for what they want.

6. Financially Responsible - Our tuition is about the same as everyone else. Our costume costs are about the same as everyone else because we buy from the same sources. What makes us different is that we look for costumes that have options to work for two dances. We look for sales, we shop like the moms we are. Our recital fee covers the recital admission so no expensive tickets to buy for every family member and a recital t-shirt . Nothing extra to buy at recital time.

7. ALWAYS VDS - When a dancer leaves the studio to try gymnastics, another studio they are always welcome back. When a dancer graduates we stay in touch, celebrating life milestones with them, weddings and births. Some of our very 1st dancers are still in touch. So many have gone on to teach dance, teach school, have amazing careers, raise great children. You are more than a customer to us, you are part of our family.

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