Photo Schedule for April 13

Photo Day! Saturday April 13th. Group photos are taken for Miss Vivette’s scrapbook, collages, media postings and advertising. Miss Vivette really wants all the dancers included in the photos. Individual photo’s will be taken at request. Order forms will be sent home. Photos will be taken at the studio in Miss V’s room where we will have a magical backdrop set up. The other studio room will be for changing costumes. We will set up racks and chairs. Please label all your dancers items and clean up after yourself. All dancers wear full costume, tights and shoes. Light makeup, with hair and hairpieces. All dancers in Meteors, Constellation, Galaxy and Nebula will wear hair in a French braid or two braids that pull into one. (We have several hat costumes this year!) Starlets may wear hair in bun, braid or if hair is short styled away from the face. We will move along as quickly as possible, it’ doesn’t take long to take the photos, as soon as your last dancers photo is taken you may leave.


Starlets Tue Ballet

Constellation Ballet

Starlets Wed Ballet

Starlets Tue Tap - may leave after photos taken

Constellation Jazz

Starlets Wed Tap - may leave after photo’s take


Meteors Ballet

Constellation Tap may leave after photos taken

Galaxy Pom

Nebula Pointe

Meteors Light a Candle

Galaxy Hip hop

Nebula Ballet

3:00-4:30 ish

Meteors Jazz

Galaxy Lyrical may leave after photos taken

Nebula Jazz

Meteors Tap Ember, Katy, Marlie may leave after photos taken

Nebula Tap

Nebula Time Warp

Starfeet team shirts

Starfeet Magic Mix

Starfeet All of Me

Starfeet Hit Me Up may leave after photos taken

Starfeet Jar of Hearts

Starfeet Run this Town

* Emily’s solo and prom photo taken when she is ready and others are changing.

* Adults - will do at recital or at class time as costumes not ready.

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