Start of a new Season Aug 30 newsletter

Vivette’s Dance Studio Newsletter Aug. 30, 2020

1. Classes will begin Tue, Sept 8th. If you have not registered for your class please do so in order that I can have everything straight in the computer. Please take note if your address, phone or account numbers have changed and update them.

I could really use your help in recommending our studio to your friends. I know with Covid people are emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed with decision making and hesitant to expose their children to situations. But, acting normal will help us to feel normal again! We are a unique studio in that we don’t compete, and just concentrate on dancers 12 and under and dancing and performing spreading joy through dance .

We will continue our summer pattern of the dancers coming in the front door and out the side to lessen contact , sanitizier, temp checks no dance bags just zip locks, outside shoes in zip locks. If we are still in this heightened mode come winter we will probably put winter coats in trash bags ...still figuring that out to be honest. I’ve just finished applying the hospital grade 90 flooring disenfectant. I will steam mop each day before classes begin. I will steam mop the area where the children sit to change shoes between classes. We wipe the barres, doorknobs etc often. I use Microban on frequently touched surfaces.

We have lots of water left from recital to give to dancers.

Masks I will wear a mask to teach. Dancers may wear masks into building. Dancers may wear a mask while in class. I’m not going to require at this point. I’ll leave that up to you as the parent and your dancers comfort level.

2. I have a couple of 6 week session classes scheduled. Mermaid Kisses, Starfish Wishes is a class for 3-6 yr. olds, Satellite Jazz for 6-10 yr. olds and Belly Dance 1 for teens and adults.

3. Photos are ready. I have them on a flash drive. I can wait and send home first week of class or you can let me know a good time to pick up. I have two dancers that have moved so I’ll try to figure out least expensive way to mail.

4. I am checking with the video lady to see when we may expect the recital videos.

5. I have ssage into my usual shoe supplier to see if they will do as we used to, send samples, order and return unsold. If not, we’ll find the best way to order.

6. A few people still have a balance, if you can pay it or part I would greatly appreciate!

7. Auto pay will post Sept 10th. If this is not a good day, let me know. It will pull registration fee and 1st tuition payment.

8. Fees Several people have asked me about this year’s fees and it’s taken me a bit to work it out. I kept changes low. As before this is a year split into 9 equal payments, so the same regardless of number of weeks in a month.

30 min class $35

45 min class $40

60 min class $45

75 min class $50

90 min class $60

105 min class $65

120 min class $70

1st dancer full price, sibling’s $8.00 discount.

Member ship fee 1st dancer $20, additional $10 each

9. Costume deposits: I survey’s about having a partial costume deposit each month of $20 to ease the “shock” of the due by Dec. 15 payment. Everyone who responded was positive.

I checked with Compudance and at this time if I do it as an autopay invoice I have to do a work around, creating payment adjustments and I’m going to make mistakes inevitably. At this point in time the program does not allow an invoice to be credited as a credit.

If you simply send in a check for the extra amount it can be posted directly to your deposit area and held as a credit. I know that puts the burden of remembering on you but it also means you can send whatever amount you wish and when you wish. I’ll post reminders in the newsletters.

10. I’ve been working in the studio getting it ready. I flipped the floor to the grey side to make it lighter in the room, retaped our social “dis-dancing” squares. Moved some furniture around as I now use the computer more and the CD player less.

11. I have some ideas in mind if we have to go to Zooming for a bit, but haven’t got the budget to buy the cameral yet. When I do, I can live stream the classes on Band and you can watch your child’s class.

12. Dancing and performing for care homes has always been a big part of my studio. I miss it, the kids miss it. I’m thinking that perhaps I can video the dances and maybe send on a flash drive or dvd to the care homes for them to show. If anyone is tech oriented enough to help me think this through, I’d appreciate it!

One day at a time, one step at a time....I’ll continue to start your dancers out on the right foot. Thank you for your confidence in me.

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