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ApApril 24 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. If you have an invoice attached to this newsletter you will pay it directly either by going on the parent portal or sending me a check. It won’t automatically re-run through the auto pay.

2. RECITAL SHIRTS: the order has been placed. I’ll post the parent charges for those who ordered when I know how much the fee is, don’t want to accidentally overcharge you! Will probably just run with the May invoice. They will be passed out when they come in. Dancers may wear them to school and anywhere. They are our “costume” for the finale dance.

3. Costumes: all costume went home with dancers. We will wear them for both care home shows, picture day and of course Recital! Dancers have been told they are not allowed to eat anything while wearing them and not to drink anything but water. They really aren’t washable!

4. Dances: All classes except the Spring start Dazzler classes have finished their dances and are working on memorization, getting arms to match etc. Children can get “tired” of this time, I try to spice it up with activities, but you can help reinforce by reminding them if they complain that practicing helps them feel confident. We are also learning our finale dance in all the classes.

5. Performance: We are performing this Saturday at Arbor Court at 3pm. Please arrive at 2:45 in 1st costume. (See attached note) You may video and photograph but try to focus on your dancer to protect privacy of other dancers. I will sometimes hand my phone off to some one to take photos as my focus must be on the dancers.

6. Tulip color page – I’d like to have the dancers give or leave the tulip pages to the residents. Coloring is a fun activity and if your dancers age-appropriate coloring ability is scribbling that just fine. You might like to put dancers first name and age on the bottom of the color page. My friends mother lives at Arbor Court and she tells me how much the residents enjoy our visits. We will be able to say hello to the residents here. As always, if you or your dancer are sick, please stay home and let me know.

7. DANCEWEAR CORNER: I have organized the dancewear corner with the used and new shoes that I have out for parents to try on. There are order forms on the desk.

8. PLEASE; don’t forget TO order your dancers underliner(skin colored camisole leotard) if needed (Comets, Meteors, Constellation). Comets, Meteors and Constellation also need a plain black leotard without a skirt (any sleeve style is fine!) for their costume of Boogie Swing.

9. This year has flown by so quickly! I have had so much fun teaching your dancers. I will be taking the summer off, and will resume classes in September. To pre-reg or indicate interest you can use this link . No worries if you are not sure. I recognize that plans change! I anticipate the schedule remaining the same as it’s working quite well.

ril 24 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter


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