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April 10 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter – To the Pointe

1. Invoices – autopay is set to run on the 10th of the month. The 10th is a Sunday, so the invoices will probably run on the 11th. If you have an open invoice that did not go through autopay it will not run again, you will have to either log on and pay it, or give me a check for that amount. Invoices will run for May tuition. There is no tuition due for June. But all invoices must be paid in full or a payment plan in place by recital.

2. Spring weather: it’s tornado season in Kansas and I checked on where to shelter in the Temple if needed. Our room used to be the go-to space but since we have added the mirrors the Fire Marshall felt that the Co-working space would be better. Co-working is the rooms on the other side of the large open lobby. One of those “just in case” items of information.

3. Probable Performance: Saturday, April 23rd, 3:00pm at Arbor Court. Waiting on confirmation but wanted you to know to put in your calendar. Dancers will wear costumes. Please wear old tights and save new ones in package for picture day and performance. If you can’t be there just text or email I know there are family situations that cause conflicts

4. Costumes: I’m waiting on one costume exchange. I hope to have costumes steamed and sent home this week. I’m reconstructing one borrowed costume for Khloe K.

5. Plant: someone left me a cute little plant. Thank you! I am taking good care of in my flower garden.

6. Meteors class finished learning all 4 of their dances!

7. Recital T-shirts – there is a bit of confusion. You don’t have to order, each dancer gets a shirt as part of their recital package. I just need to make sure I’ve guessed the right size for each dancer. Please check back on the print out I sent home and make sure it’s correct because after they are ordered and printed it is what it is.

8. Band – I’m posting video’s and photo’s to the Band app so if you haven’t yet, please download the free app and log in and enjoy!

9. Personal: My shoulder is so much better but occasionally gives me pain if I try to lift something too heavy.

10. I am looking for a videographer for our recital, more later.

11. I have the contract in hand for Recital. We are officially set for Sunday June 5th at 3pm in the 3rd floor theatre of the Temple. Please remember to let me know if you will need elevator transport for a guest. I can’t run the elelvator and will need to arrange for someone is qualified to be in attendance!


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