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April 2 – Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 28 of our dance season, week 3 of the new Dazzlers.

1. Invoices will go through on Monday the 10th. Invoices are attached to this newsletter if my printer was co-operating ….it’s been temperamental lately.

2. We are of course closed on Easter weekend this weekend. If your Thursday dancer is going to miss for church please let me know. I already know that 2 will be missing. If I get down to 1 dancer in each class I will probably just cancel.

3. I was able to order all instock costumes for the new Dazzlers classes and they should be in shortly. I had to do some searching for sizes but I’m happy with the ones I was able to get. Quite cute!

4. Last call to order dance shoes. I have several who have asked me to order, Please get with me by Wed.

5. Underliners: Reminder, I’ve said this before but I know how easy it is to forget to do something. Dancers that change costumes….Comets 1, Comets 2, Meteors, Constellation need to have an underliner a skin tone camisole leotard that takes the place of underwear. We change in common space at care homes and recital, so this is important as we really don’t want our dancers getting naked in front of everyone to change. Please order from Amazon or Discount Dance. I just had the underwear talk with a young dancer who had bunchy panties hanging out from her leotard that we don’t wear panties under costumes. She said “Of course we wear panties!” . I asked if she wore them under a swimsuit and she said no, and I well an underliner is like a swimsuit, you don’t wear panties under it either.

6 . I have tights in all costume bags, am waiting on a couple of hairpieces and a few costumes need to be steamed yet, but will be sending home soon.