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April 23 – Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 31 of our season

1. If you have an open invoice it will be attached to this newsletter. Our last installment invoices will be May 10.

2. All Costumes went home this week except the few dancers that were absent. In the costume bags were accessories, tights, and notes. Read the notes and if you have a question, please text or email. My brain is full right now…..

3. Still playing phone tag – hope to have a performance on May 13. I know Mother’s Day is the 14th but hope this won’t be a problem. Also hope to have a performance on May 20th , and maybe the 27th. It’s so good for our dancers to perform for the care homes. It gets rid of the jitters, and it brings so much joy to the residents.

4. All dances except the Dazzlers are completed and dancers are now working on “spaces and faces”, knowing where they stand, and letting our faces reflect the happiness we feel when we dance.

I don’t push practicing at home, but easy things to work on are stretching legs, pointing toes, turns, and in the yard leaps and cartwheels.

I experimented with posting a music file on Band. Some of our music can not be found on Spotify, or amazon, or has been edited so if your dancer wants a particular song please let me know.

5. Our Dazzlers are sparkling along learning their dances so well. Dazzler Jazz was getting so good that I had to speed up their 1st step and add in another as what I had taught them was too slow. Proud of them!

6. Salina 311 did a wonderful article about The Temple. I posted a link to the article on our FB page and. I’ll try to post it here.

I know you just see our little part of the building!

Calendar reminders:

Sat May 6 photo day

Sat May 13 possibe performance

Sat May 20 possible performance

Sat may 27 Possible performance

Sunday June 4 2pm recital


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