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April 30th - Vivette’s Dance Newsletter This is week 32 of our season!

April 30th - Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 32 of our season!

1. Happy May Day! Officially 4 weeks to recital and a busy 4 weeks they will be! It’s a wild ride but a fun one!


3. Invoices for our last installment are attached. Autopay will run through May 10th.

4. I’m giving dancers a car window sticker of the studio logo this week.

5. COMPUDANCE PORTAL: Search for in Google and Apple store designed to make it easier for those who use a phone instead of a computer. Note: when making a payment be patient, had a client discover a glitch in the app – if you keep hitting the pay button it will keep making payments whether there is an invoice or not!

6. All dances have been learned and dancers are working on refining their dances and polishing. I have learned that I can post music to Band. I don’t want to post all the songs as that takes time I don’t have but if there is a song your dancer wants please let me know.

7. As we come up to performances please use encouraging words. ”Don’t be scared” or “Are you nervous” implies there is something to worry about. “I love to see you dance” is great. Our Care home performances are important to the dancer and to the residents. Dance is a performing art and we are dancers! If your time and budget allow a quick trip for an ice cream cone (not in the costume!) reinforces the fun of performing. I understand that you have other obligations than dance so if you can’t come to all the shows it’s okay, but try for at least one.

8. Calendar alerts

Saturday May 6 – Photo day – see schedule

Saturday May 13 performance at Smokey Hill Rehab 3pm – no Dazzlers classes

Saturday May 20 performance at Arbor Court 3pm – Dzazzlers included

Saturday May27 tentative performance Holiday Resort – 3pm – activity director has been out sick all week so can ‘t confirm

Sunday June 4th 2pm – 48th Annual Recital- It’s a Beach Thing!


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