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April 9 – Vivette’ Dance Newsletter

1. This is week 29 of our dance season, week 4 of the Dazzlers classes.

2. Invoices will go through autopay on the 10th.

3. Costumes for the new Dazzler classes came in. Hairbows for the Sparklers came in. I am waiting on the few pair of shoes I ordered. I will send costumes home next week as soon as I can get the notes explaining it all done to include with the costumes.

4. Don’t forget to get an underliner for your dancer if in Comets 1, Comets 2, Meteors, or Constellation. They do need them. Alternatively you can buy a pop up dressing room, but they are much more expensive than a simple skin tone leotard.

5. I still need a few more people to okay their dancers spellings and sizes for t-shirts. I am waiting on the design before printing so you have a bit longer to get back to me. List is posted on Band, and I guess I’ll send home a hard copy to those I haven’t heard from. I hate disappointing kids with wrong size or misspelled names.

6. I took Easter photo’s of dancers this week, except for Thursday classes . They are posted on Band, you are welcome to copy and use anyway you want, share with family, friends, etc.

7. We finished quite few more dances this week, and will soon be ready to perform!



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