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Aug 21, 2022 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. It was delightful to see so many new dancers yesterday! I loved seeing how much returning dancers had grown over the summer! Dancers were delighted with their new dance bags! I did not take a single photo I realized!

2. Registration fees will be posted this week and will run through autopay on August 30th.

3. I will get with my dancewear rep on Monday and get shoes ordered. Dancewear fees will be posted this week and will run through autopay on August 30th. Items ordered should be in for 1st week of dance.

4. You may pay any posted item through the portal before the 30th. If the 30th is not a good date for you please let me know a good date and I’ll change it. Autopay may run through your checking account, or a debit or credit card, whatever you put in the system.

5. I will be at the studio after school Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri this week. The red door will be locked. Please call to let me know you are there and I’ll come let you in.

6. You are my best advertising. Please like and share the FB page posts, tell your friends.

7. For our new family members, I send an email every Sunday. I post it on Band, and on the website. I will even print it out. I want to make sure that all know what’s going on in and with the studio. If we are not connecting, please let me know, perhaps I have a wrong email.

BAND is a free app that I use to post practice video’s newsletters, photo’s etc. I have created a new “Band” for this year. If you have not downloaded Band yet, please do so. It looks like a green square with rounded corners and a b in the center. Then use this link to join this years


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