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Aug 28 Newsletter

1. Membership fees of $20 student. $10 sibling will go through autopay on Tue Aug. 30th.

2. Dancewear fees with added tax will go through autopay on Tue. Aug 30th.

3. Shoes ordered at the dancewear day have arrived. The order was large enough that we got free shipping (yay!).

4. I will be at the studio this week Mon, Tue, Thur, Friday from 3:30-5 for you to pick up shoes that have come in, try on used shoes, order new ones. It’s so much better to do this before classes begin as I have no secretary and I don’t want to take class time to try on or order shoes.

5. This week I wrote the adult ballet barre, choreographed one dance, chose2 songs to choreograph and got the x’s on the floor. In this coming week I will prep like crazy to be ready for our classes!

6. Our youngest classes have openings. You are our best advertising so if you would like, comment and share our daily posts on our Facebook page it would be so helpful!

7. I have partnered with a printing company that does studio dancewear. You order what you want, pay for it, it ships to you. I’m not involved. Lots of great choices in t-shirts, hoodies, joggers etc. The link is

8. Band app. I opened a new band for this year. You’ll need to download the free Band app. Then use this link to join this years Band. If you were part of last year's band you’ll need to join the 2022-23 band to see current content. I use this app to post weekly video’s of each class, photo’s. the newsletter and more. Here is the link to this years Band.

9. I’ve decided to extend the dance bag giveaway so students registering will also receive a VDS dance bag.

10. See you soon1

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