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Dec 19 VDS Newsletter

December 19 Newsletter

1. What a wonderful Winter recital we had! A few dancers were unable to be there but all present had a great time. Gift bags from Snowflake Sparkles were given out and everyone left happy. I got a few photos that I have posted on the FB page and on Band. I greatly appreciate any that you took. Email to me at or text at 785-819-2925

2. Studio phone. I’m going to let go of the studio number 785-827-3396 as the charge is $30 a month but with taxes, and fees’s I’m being billed $50! and I just don’t think it’s worth it.

I’ll just use my cell number 785-819-2925 for the studio. So, please make the change in your phones. My studio owner friends say not to do this as clients will call me in the middle of the night with questions but I don’t think that will happen with my great dance families!

3. Thank you for the donations for the Food Bank. I’ll drop those off on Monday morning.

4. Costumes : I’m choosing and ordering during the “break” as well as finalize music choices and choreography for our spring show. I had some new unused costumes that fit the Constellation girls for their tap dance so winner!

5. We are closed until Jan. 3. Enjoy the time with your families! My daughter is coming for a few days from Lenexa and we hope to just chill and visit.

6. Registration is open for Session 3 of Twinkle Tots. Such a great program for ages 2-4. I enjoy planning the new songs for these sessions so much and teaching the classes is just such a joy.


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