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Dec 5th Newsletter Vivette’s Dance

1. Invoices will run through on Dec. 10 for tuition and Dec. 17th for costumes. As always, if this is not a good date for you, let me know 24 hours in advance what date to change it too.

2. Reminders

1. Mayor’s Christmas Party performance at Tony’s Event Center Sunday Dec. 11th arrive at 2pm in black leotard, pink tights, bring both pair of shoes. Hair nicely fixed in bun or low ponytail, away from face with clippies. I have skirts for dancers. For Ballet: Sparkers are wearing a white tutu, Comets 1 are wearing a red tutu, Comets 2 are wearing a Christmas print skirt, Meteors are wearing a candy cane striped overdress, Constellation are wearing a white & green tutu. For Tap Sparklers same, Comets 1 a silver skirt I have, Comets 2 the skirt from ballet, Meteors and Constellation pj pants or leggings.

2. Winter Recital – Saturday, Dec. 17th 10:30 am. Same as above

3. No classes after recital until January 2

3. The Temple has a little library in front of the building. It has been decided that in the winter we will add food items that don’t need to be cooked to the library to help the unhoused in our area. So, if you would like to contribute please bring crackers, cookies, items like spagettio’s with pop tops.. and put under the tree in the hallway.

You know you’ll forget so put it in your dancers dancebag now

4. I had a wonderful visit to Omaha, got to see my sister and brother in law and her kids and grands. My brother his wife and grandson and my sister in law who was married to my brother who passed last January. It was a very nice and restoring trip.

5. 95% of the costumes arrived! I’ll be checking for fit this week, for the ones that are here. Sparklers costumes were ordered 1st and not arriving till mid January…weirdness is usual in costume industry.

At our spring recital the dancers are all in one common room, there is no privacy for changing. For this reason dancers wear an underliner, a skintone camisole leotard in place of underwear. This way they can change costumes without needing privacy. The Sparkers do not need one but all other dancers will. You can buy at, or amazon or This also helps out tremendously at nursing homes. I misread the information on the ballet costume for Comets 1 and it has an open side but with the underleo it will be okay. It’s such a pretty costume but I wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t misunderstood the description.

Have a great week! Enjoy the photo’s I took, I’ll be taking a few more this week as I missed a couple of classes. As always feel free to download and use as you wish.

Miss V


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