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Feb 12 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 22 of our dance season.

1. Invoices: Autopay went through on the 10th. A record number of declined this time. Most often the reason is a change of expiration dates on the card you have entered. Please check your account and if the autopay did not go through please pay it directly on the website, or with a check. I do receive a declined charge fee for each one which to date I have not passed on but I may have to start as my income/expenses are pretty much break even.

2. Recital preparation :We are progressing nicely with our new dances for our spring recital “It’s A Beach Thing”. Dancers are enjoying the choreography and many are learning to work with props other than just holding them. It was so exciting for me as a teacher to say to the Constellation group “the next step is a rolling time step” and they all did it without being shown.

3. Our Spring Fling short term classes will begin after Spring Break and I’m getting inquiries. If you have a friend, neighbor or relative who might be interested please recommend us.

5. This is Valentine week. If your dancer would like to hand out valentines/ treats/ etc (please no unwrapped cupcakes!) we will save time at the end of class. Sparklers has 5 dancers, Comets 1 2 dancers, Comets 2 7 dancers, Meteors 3 dancers , Constellation 4 dancers.

6. This was week 5 of Twinkle tots our 2-3 class and this week all listened, participated on their own, and sat quietly to wait for their turn… so proud of their progress.

7. We had fun taking photo’s last week. I have posted them on Band for you to capture and use as you wish. We’ll probably take some more this week.

8. Reminders:

· Recital is Sunday June 4th, 2pm

· Spring Break is week of March 20 – no classes this week

· No performances in rest of Feb, we will resume in March

· Dancers are starting to complain about shoes getting tight. Please check the resale shoe bins, or ask me to order.

· I have received only one conflict for picture day so I’ll start working on a schedule. If you have a conflict in April or May like wedding, confirmation, 1st communion please let me know so I can work around it.

I never have learned to like football unlike the rest of the state, but in solidarity with y’all…Go, Chiefs.


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