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Feb 13 VDS newsletter

Feb 13 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter “To the Pointe”

Starlets Costumes came in this week. We will be trying them on during class time.

I’ve finished the Meteors Jazz costumes for “Every girl’s a Super girl” . They are “super cute”.

Only costume we are waiting on now are the Comets ballet and tap ones.

Tuesday dancers loved our new “Be my Valentine” song!

Sparklers class amazed me by showing that they knew the beginning of their new tap song all by themselves. So proud of them!

The door lock continues to be weird, letting in one person and not the next. Cold weather especially seems to affect it. It’s programmed to be unlocked 10 minutes before each class, but if it’s not, just call and someone will let you in.

Mutt School is back in session on Thursday’s.

Thank you for donations to the Temple’s food drive. They were appreciated!


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