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Feb 19, 2023 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 23 of our dance year!

1. Invoices: If my printer was co-operating and you have an invoice stapled to this note it must be paid either by check or by going to the website and paying directly it will not go through auto pay. If you are struggling, please let me know.

2. Spring Break – I had my dates wrong last week! Studio will be closed March 13-17 for Spring Break! Please make change on your calendar.

3. Crazy weather: Studio may be colder on Thursday this week depending on when they turn the boilers on so wise to send dancer with a sweater.

4. Band App: Photos and video’s we’ve taken this week have been posted to Band. If you haven’t joined the Band app yet here is the link

5. Spring Classes Our new Dazzler classes begin in March. I’ve attached a flyer for you to give to a friend if you would be so kind!

6. Recital: We finished our first dance for recital this week. The adult class finished learning Oodi Oodi Jai our Bolly wood dance. Several jazz dances are close to being finished, maybe this week!

7. Photo Day – I now have 2 conflicts registered eliminating the weekend of April 9-16 and May 7th. Anyone else before I pick a date?

8. Skills: this week dancers have been working on Shuffle hop Step in Sparklers, older dancers have been working on Maxford’s, Maxiford Turns, Buffalo’s, Tour Jete, Grand Jete and several have a one handed cartwheel. Each dancer learns at their own pace and should not be compared to any other.

9. This is the last week of this Twinkle Tots Session. Eleana, Paisley, and Calani have learned so much this seven weeks! So proud of them.

Have a wonderful week! Miss V.


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