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Feb 26 Vivette’s Newsletter

This is week 24 of our dance season.

1. We had such a fun week in the studio. Dancers worked on dances and skills, took silly photo’s and made great memories. Photo’s can be seen on the Band app.

2. Skills we are working on include

1. Developpe – meaning to unfold, extending the leg to the side as high as possible.

2. Balance – dancers had previously learned this as a side-to-side movement but this week learned that it could also go forward and back and Constellation added a turning variation.

3. Side leaps

4. Grande jete – a big leap - dancers have been working on this skill since week 1 and I am proud to say that all older dancers all have the pattern and are now working on speed and height.

5. Scorpion stretch holding one leg behind. A few dancers can now do a two hand scorpion, very difficult skill

6. In tap Sparklers are learning Ballchange and will soon execute shuffle Ballchange in addition to shuffles, shuffle step, and shuffle hop step.

7. Older dancers played a tap game called Boom where they demonstrate knowledge of tap steps.

3. Dancers are close to finishing learning recital routines. This week Meteors finished Surf Crazy, Adults finished both Bollywood and Belly Dance.

4. New classes are gaining registrations. Flyers were sent home to give to friends and I appreciate it. Advertising used to be simple …you just put an ad in the paper…now it’s Facebook and Instagram and if you don’t have the algorithm correct your ads aren’t seen by the interested people…much more complicated and expensive!

5. A dancer asked me when we would be performing at a care home again and I told her in March when we have most of our dances finished. Probably after spring break is over.

6. Reminder

1) recital fees are on the March invoices - $50 single student/ + $20 additional student is. I do not sell tickets for our recital. This fee covers everything associated with producing the recital, including theatre rental, Temple staff for elevator, etc. As always if you need me to change a date for invoice, please let me know in advance.

2) we are closed week of March 13-17

I really appreciate you, my clients. I hear such horror stories from fellow studio owners and I think what a blessing you all are. You trust me with your child’s dance education and support all our performances and are just such nice people. Thank you!

Miss Vivette


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