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Jan 15 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 18 of our dance year.

1. Invoices: went through autopay Jan 10th. Invoices for the New Twinkle Tots class will go through

autopay on the 17th.

2. Meteors class: I found cute swimsuits with tank tops and shorts, that the girls really like to use for their tap and jazz costume. With tax and shipping they came to $28.00. I’m pleased I was able to find something that will be useful after recital. That invoice will go through on Jan 30th.

3. The dancers are loving their new dances and we are all having so much fun. Our spring recital is beach themed so songs are extra fun.

4. Our Twinkle Tots class began on Tuesday. Funny story: when I contacted a family who had registered but hadn’t attended it turned out that she lives in New Mexico and hadn’t realized that our studio was in Kansas. Technology can cause some funny situations.

5. I’ve been playing phone tag with the activities director at Holiday Resort so I don’t have a date yet but we do want to perform our winter dances there so that Khloe’s grandfather can see her dance. I’ll let you know. If you have a relative you’d like us to dance for let me know.

6. Costume item: dancers with a costume change (everyone but the Sparklers) will need an underliner. An underliner is a skin toned camisole leotard that takes the place of underwear when wearing costumes, thus providing privacy when dancers all change in the same room. The funny thing about underliners is that some states/companies regard them as underwear and if I order them they are not returnable but if you order them they are. Weird but just one of those things. has same thing but higher prices. If you use Rakuten, you get 2% back here.

Try to order this early as they are a very popular item in the spring. If you have an outgrown one and want to sell or give to someone let me know.

7. Thinking ahead: Snow days : if USD305 cancels school, I will cancel classes that day. I will send out emails through the Compudance system, Constant Contact, post on our Band app and on the website. If in doubt, text me.


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