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Jan 16 VDS newsletter "To the Pointe"


1) Thank you for the consideration you have shown me in the recent death of my brother Eric. It’s been a hard loss as he was only 61 and it was so quick. He was diagnosed with liver failure Dec 4th, diagnosed with MDS a blood cancer on Jan 4 and he passed on Jan. 14th.

I will hold classes this Tuesday Jan 18.

I will go to Omaha Wed and Thur for the funeral, so those days will be cancelled.

2) Sat Dec. 22 Makeup class for Meteors and Constellation

9:00-10:05 Meteors

We will overlap just a bit so we can practice Boogie Swing together

9:55-11 Constellation

11-11:15 Anabell run through Hip hop – Jazzlynne has quit dance

3) Comets have some time conflicts so I will extend their class by 15 minutes for the next 4 weeks so the dancers won’t feel “rushed’ in learning new work.

4) We were hoping to be able to perform our holiday dances at Arbor Court but they have closed to outsiders again due to Covid so hopefully we can do outside performances in the spring with our new dances.

5) Temple Community members have told me how much they enjoyed seeing the Comets perform their two dances on Jan. 5th. One member expressed how glad he was that we have youth and joy in the building again.


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