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Jan. 22 – Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 19 of our dance year

1. Performance: Sat Jan 28th 3:00 Smoky Hill Rehab 1007 Johnstown Ave. Arrive 2:45 to get skirts on and line up. Wear black leotard, pink tights, hair in bun or braid. Let me know if dancer won’t be able to attend.

2. Parents please put names or initials in all your dancers shoes. I now have 2 extra ballet slippers that don’t seem to match anyone that is missing a shoe, and with no name or initial it’s hard to get back to the proper owner.

3. Just FYI Mutt school is now meeting on Thursdays also in the common area outside the studio. Access TV has moved into a room across from our studio space, so we welcome them to the building.

4. I found the fabric I need to make the skirts for the Wed Comets 2 class, so will be working on that. Have ordered a few rhinestones to add some sparkle to a few items. Always fun to work on these things for me. I found towels for the Constellation jazz dance. I’ll post that charge in Feb. They were $7.62 with tax.

5. I found a ring of dancers Swag tags. I think it might belong to a Wednesday dancer.

6. Our Twinkle Tots class had their 2nd meeting and the improvement in 1 week was amazing . Almost ran me out of my lesson plan activities! Ages 2-3 are quite different to teach than older kids because everything is new and attention span is about 3 secs. We do have room if you know someone who would like to join and just didn’t get around to it.

Have a great week! Miss V.


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