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Jan 23 VDS "To the Pointe"

Jan 23 Vivette’s Dance Studio Newsletter “TO THE POINTE”

1. CREDITS I have applied credits to the accounts of all Wed and Thur dancers for the January cancellations. When I post the February tuition charges I will apply those credits. That will be the simplest way for me not to make any mistakes.

2. CLASSES : We are back to normal I hope with no cancelations on my part. I’m hoping all our dancers are well and healthy and we can just move forward.

3. Thank you so much for all the expressions of sympathy and kindness you have given me on the death of my brother Eric and also my very close friend. Two funerals in 3 days is hard on the soul.

4. Costumes have come in for the Constellation ballet and the Meteors Ballet & Tap. All others are still “out there”. We will try on those costumes this week for fit.

5. Invoices: I’m attaching printouts of open invoices. These do not reflect the January credits that will be applied to Feb. If you have an open invoice you may pay it through the portal or give me a check. Please do not give me cash as I will lose track of the payment. If you must give me cash, please put in a labeled envelope so when I get to it I will remember who it came from.

Here’s to the remaining week of January being “SNOW MUCH FUN!”

Miss Vivette


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