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Jan 29 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 20 of our dance year! Time is flying by!

1. Invoices: invoices for tuition will go through autopay on Friday Feb. 10th.

2. Performance: We had a great performance at Smoky Hill Health and Rehab. The residents greatly enjoyed our performance and didn’t seem to mind a bit that dancers were wearing masks. I love how comfortable the dancers are growing with performing, they get their costumes on, get in line, do their dances regardless of how many of their class are there, greet the audience, put things away with such calm and assurance. I love how when a mistake is made they have learned to just keep going, and no one knows but me.. True heart of a dancer, full of “confidance”. I thought I took more photo’s but only got 3, my phone’s camera has been acting up a bit, so if you got some cute ones, send them to me.

3. Last week of the month is usually a review week for what we’ve learned and that is what we did last week on Wed and Thur. Then, we had snowball fights with cotton balls. Lots of laughter.

4. Due to the extreme cold outside the Temple’s boilers will be on so studio will be toasty warm inside.

Have a great week! See you in the studio!

Miss V


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