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Jan 8 - Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

This is week 17 of our dance year.

1. Invoices – autopay will go through on Jan. 10th.

2. Welcome to our new dancers in our Twinkle Tot’s class! I’m excited to be teaching this class Mommy and Me again.

3. We had a delightful performance of our North Pole Bakery Sweet Treats Recital at Arbor Court on Saturday Jan 7th. We had a lot of sick and out of town dancers but the ones who were there were delightful. I had planned for this to be our last winter performance but I’ve just learned that a dancer has a grandparent at Holiday Resort and has asked for us to perform there. I will call them on Monday and see if we are able to go. Stay tuned for more information.

4. This Thursday the 12th, I will be in a Temple community meeting in the atrium starting at 4pm. If the Thur dancer will come no earlier than 4:25 I’ll be able to stay at the meeting a bit longer and hike down the stairs in time for class at 4:30.

5. Continuing donations of ready to eat items, loaves of bread, crackers, etc for our Reggie’s library and pantry are appreciated.

6. I’m planning on taking some January photo’s this week of dancers, too many were absent last week.

7. I had some trouble with the emailed newsletter last week, so sorry if you missed information.


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