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Jan 9 VDS newsletter "To the Pointe"

Jan 9 To the Pointe! VDS Newsletter

First newsletter of our new year!

1. Statements : Autopay runs as usual on the 10th. Statements are attached. If you have an older statement you will need to go in and pay that individually or give me a check for that amount as autopay only goes once.

2. Our Winter Recital was so much fun! Miss Sarah Fast took lots of pictures and some video and has just gotten them to me so I’m adding them to our Band group. You are free to save those for yourself.

3. I’m playing phone tag with the activities director at Arbor Court. I’m hoping we can perform our Christmas dances once more time. Watch your email because I may not have time to print out notes.

4. I may be hard to reach this week as I am subbing for a Special Ed teacher all week.

5. The weekend of the 21st I will be out of town as I am going to Omaha to visit my very ill brother.

6. New Year, new dances! We are beginning our recital dances. Our show this year is called “Stargazing!” and focuses on songs about various types of stars. I’ve had a great deal of fun picking out the music and choreographing the dances so I know the dancers will enjoy them too.

7. Costumes have been ordered. Some have arrived and others will arrive soon as I was careful to get either instock or short delivery dates due to supply chain issues. Costume prices and shipping were higher, of course, but I stayed close to the $50 budget. In Feb I’ll bill for the overage, in most cases will be abut $5 so not too much.

8. Constellation are borrowing two costumes that I had in stock.

9. I am sewing 1 costume for Meteors.

10. Tights were ordered on a sale. The price went up a bit from last year but still a good price. I’ll bill those in Feb.

11. I wait until I have all the costumes, all the tights, all the headpieces ready and everything goes home in one garment bag. Less confusing for all this way. We will try on costumes in class to make sure there are no problems then I will put them away till all is ready. Just me this year. Miss Sarah did so much for me costume wise, I’m really missing her!

12. New Classes: Twinkle Tots is restarting this week. Pass the word on to your friends for this no pressure super fun class for littles.

13. If door is locked or won’t open (winter is messing with it) please call me 785-819-2925 and I’ll come open the door!


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