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July 03, 2022 Newsletter

Hi all! It’s the July Newsletter!

I hope all my dancers and families are having a great summer so far.

I’m doing very well in my rehab, hope to be driving again next week. I Have physical therapy 3 tx a week and daily exercises to do twice a day so it’s kind of a job. I haven’t really tried to dance yet but I’ve got 2 months still.

I’m starting to work on the schedule, times, fees, calendar this week. I’ll be updating both the website and Compudance as I go along, but please be patient with me. After all that type of work is done I’ll start writing lesson plans, choreography, barre work etc.

School starts August 11th but we won’t start dance until after Labor day. Kids need time to settle into one new schedule before adding on extra activities like dance.

I’m planning a dancewear special order day around mid August to try on and order shoes, bring in used shoes and leotards, etc. More later.

Have a great July!

Miss V


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