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July 24 – Vivette’s Dance Studio Newsletter

Hi all! I hope you’ve had a great week. I’ve spent some time at the computer participating in various studio related webinars and starting to listen to music for upcoming dances. My knee is improving each day. Last measurement was 105*, 120 is “perfect” so I still have work to do but it’s coming along! Unfortunately, there is a shortage of the synthetic gel injection needed for my left knee so I’m not exactly pain free but definitely very functional.

It’s the start of my birthday week and my last week of PT, and hopefully my car will be back from repairs so I can drive myself around. I just can’t get into hubs SUV on driver side. So, start of an exciting week.

I’d like to welcome our new students to our family! Can’t wait to meet you all! I know our returning students are missing dance and I’m missing them. I got the cutest card from dancer Imogen this week in the mail, hand drawn and so special! Other dancers are calling out tap combinations as they work around their house mom says.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties in registering for a particular class. I can always do it from my side while I try to figure out the issue

Today July 24 is National Parent Appreciation Day and I’d like to thank all the parents that bring their dancer to class each week, to the weekend care home shows and support them as they learn new skills. Kids couldn’t dance if parents didn’t bring them to class. I also super appreciate those who help me in the studio when I need help, sometimes I just can’t do it by myself.

I’ve ordered new stuffies for this year as last years were so well loved they need a replacement. A special gift for early registers has been ordered too. A run of dance shoes is on order for try ons at the open house/dancewear sale. Exciting times!

If you have dancewear for sale or to give away you can drop off on my porch at 700 S. 10th , be sure to put a name on the bag! I’ll do the labels etc in prep for the sale.

Stay cool this week in the blistering heat, drink lots of water and dance when every you can!

Love you! Miss V


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