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July 31 Newsletter

Hi all! What a good week this was! Through Facebook for my birthday, I raised over $200 for the elevator fund at the Temple. The donation is live for another week so maybe a bit more will trickle in. It will be so nice when the elevators are updated!

I also completed my physical therapy for my right knee. I will continue to do the exercises at home for another 3-4 months to make sure I keep the gains I have made.

Registration is open and dancers are signing up for classes. Each dancer who enrolls by Aug. 20th will receive a free studio dance bag to carry their gear in. I’m excited to give these out as it’s been many years since I did dance bags! Late registration will have the opportunity to buy bags.

Please continue to check the studio page daily and give it a like or comment as the FB algorithm is changing again and not everyone is seeing the posts. It’s really quite amazing how reach is affected by a few emoiji comments. Technology sigh…

Shoe sizing samples will be here for the dancewear sale day to make it easier to choose the right size. My representative says that supply is not as tight as last year so hopefully all will go smoothly!

Have a great week, enjoy the cooler days and stay inside when it gets super hot!

Miss V.


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