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March 12 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

March 12 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter

1. Invoices – Invoices were due on March 10th for March installment of tuition and recital fee. Most went though auto pay. Those that did not were due to invalid card or declined. Please make every effort to catch up before it’s time for me to hand out costumes.

2. This is spring break week so not a numbered week in our studio calendar. During this week of no classes I will be putting tights in costume packages, steaming costumes, making headpieces, typing choreography to be sent home, arranging the program and playlist , ordering trophies and other essential but time consuming things that go towards making our spring recital fun and stress free for dancers and parents.

3. New classes begin next week! We could use several more 3-4 yr olds in the Wed Dazzler Starlets class. Please let friends and neighbors know of the opportunity.

Have a fun spring break, travel safe and see you next week.


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