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March 19 Vivette’s Dance

This is week 25 of our dance session.

1. Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great spring break and are refreshed and ready to go for the remainder of our dance and school sessions. I didn’t go anywhere but I took naps, read and worked on the little studio stuff that is so time consuming.

2. I am welcoming our new students for our spring session this week. Monday begins with Dazzler Ballet and Jazz; Tuesday Twinkle tots Spring session begins (have space for 2 more 2-4 yr. olds if anyone knows someone) and Wednesday we welcome Dazzler Starlets. It’s great to have our new families going us.

3. Invoices: New families – you will have an invoice attached to the printed copy of this newsletter. It will go through Autopay on the 24th if everything is set up correctly.

Existing students: if you have an invoice attached to this newsletter it’s because it did not go though autopay for some reason. It will not rerun. You will need to either pay directly from the portal or send in a check for the amount. A reminder to check the expiration dates on your card, or if you have gotten a new card to change the information.

4. A new app is available to help you. From the app store search Compudance Portal. Once downloaded, using your existing email and password you can see your accounts etc. Should make it easier for you.

5. During spring Break I finished the Comets 2 ballet and tap costumes. I’m very happy with how cute they turned out. We will take photo’s this week during class that I will post on Band for you to see.

6. Speaking of Band…if you haven’t downloaded this free app yet you really should. This is where I post

videos of the dancers and silly and serious photo’s each week so that you can see your dancers progress. I also post announcements and newsletters. It’s a free app. Just search for BAND it’s a green square with rounded corners and once downloaded use this code to join us.

7. In the next few weeks you will receive lots of lists for you to check. Please do so. I’m try hard not to but mistakes can be made. I need you to proof read and respond to these lists. Lists will include names for back of recital t-shirt, sizes for recital t-shirt, name list for program and awards. This year I have a Paisley and a Paislee, a Kaylynn, and a Kayla…. I don’t want to make any mistakes. For dancers who go by nicknames in the program I usually do it like “Susan (Suzy) Dancer”. If you want something different you need to let me know in writing. At this time of year, I don’t always remember if you just tell me something during a class or in passing. The Twinkle Tots dancers are not in the recital but I do include their name on the t-shirts.

8. Dancers have been asking me when we get to perform at nursing homes again. I have been asked by a couple and I’m just waiting a week or two till more dances are completed. I’ll send out info soon. It warms my heart to see how much the dancers enjoy it One young dancer said “I love dancing for the old people because it makes them so happy”.

See you soon! Miss V


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