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March 20 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter To the Pointe

March 20 Vivette’s Dance Newsletter To the Pointe

Super short newsletter this week!


I hope you all enjoyed your spring break. I got a lot of things done for and at the studio, putting boxes in the closet now that the River Festival moved their puppets, made 6 fringe skirts, sewed snaps on costume and made headpieces and magic wands, and worked on many lists and the program for our June recital. I also relaxed, read, knit, and cooked, even took a walk or two as the weather got nicer.

This week we welcome our new Dazzler Ballet and Dazzler Jazz classes to the studio.

Door locks may be fussy this week as there is time change and no classes for a week so just call 785-819-2925 if it doesn’t open. Scheduled to unlock 10 minutes before class time. I’ve been asked why I just don’t prop open the door. I’m not allowed to as it’s a security measure for all the other tenants if the door is just propped open. Thank you for understanding that we are in a shared space.

Please let me know if you have any conflicts on April/May weekends like confirmations, 1st communions, graduations as I am trying to schedule photo day and care home performances.

See you soon!

Miss Vivette


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