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This is Week 27 of our dance season, week 2 for our Dazzlers.

Newsletter is late today, sorry, some things came up that delayed me.

We had a wonderful week last week with only a few of our dancers out for illness. Yay! Let’s hope we’re done with that.

Our new Dazzler classes Starlets, Ballet and Jazz plus Twinkle Tots got their bears and began to learn to listen, find their spots and begin choreography.

This week is a quiet week, as we say good bye to March.

Dancers worked on reviewing their dances, a week off makes us forgetful! Tags were earned for Scorpions. Ask your dancer to show you her one and two hand scorpions. Two hand is so hard and many of the dancers can do them.

Have a wonderful week, see you in the studio!

Miss V.


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